September 12, 2015

Cooperative Extension Service

  • 4-H Ride for the Clover: Over 95 individuals participated in the Ride for the 4-H Clover including NMSU Regent Mike Cheney and President Garrey Carruthers. The participants got an opportunity to learn about the work that county agents and specialists are doing in 4-H programming, and Extension Service as a whole, as well at the Sustainable Agricultural Science Center at Alcalde. Riders also got to hear first-hand from some of the youth as to how 4-H has made a difference for them. This group of motorcycle enthusiasts covered over 350 miles of New Mexico enchanted roads.

Animal and Range Science

  • Western Section, American Society of Animal Science Young Scientist Award: At the Western Section, American Society of Animal Science (WSASAS) meeting hosted by the NMSU Animal and Range Sciences Department this summer in Ruidoso, the WSASAS Young Scientist Award was awarded to Ryan Ashley, assistant professor of animal science. This award recognizes outstanding achievement by young members of the society. Ryan was honored for his research contributions in the area of reproductive physiology. The Western Section American Society of Animal Science Service Award, the most prestigious honor given by this group, went to Mike Hubbert, professor and superintendent of the Clayton Livestock Research Center. He was cited for his work as a feedlot nutritionist, developing technologies for improvement of feeding systems cattle.