October 14, 2016

Agricultural Experiment Station

  • Dr. Steven Loring, associate director - AES, spoke at the Digital Measures User Group 2016 Conference on October 10 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. More than 100 colleges and universities were represented at this conference. Using examples from the College of ACES, he demonstrated how NMSU is using Digital Measures Activity Insight to record and present community engagement activities and impacts, and how these can be shared with various stakeholders as part of public accountability, supporting NMSU's good work.
Image of Plant Clinics in Albuquerque

Cooperative Extension Service

  • Extension Plant Sciences and the Bernalillo County Extension Office, faculty from the Extension Plant Sciences Department and the Bernalillo County Extension Office interacted with over 2,000 people at Plant Clinics in Albuquerque on Saturday and Sunday, October 8 - 9. Plant Clinics were conducted at the Downtown Growers' Market and at the Local Food Festival and Field Day held at the Gutierrez-Hubbell House. These events offer a great opportunity to introduce people to the Cooperative Extension Service and gives them an opportunity to ask questions and learn about plants and pests.

Media Productions/Learning Games Lab

  • Media Productions/Learning Games Lab has released a mobile version of its popular Virtual Labs series. Eight interactive modules explore laboratory techniques and concepts important in food science. Media Productions originally developed these multimedia tools in collaboration with South Dakota State University and North Dakota State University, with funding from USDA NIFA; web versions of the tools have been played more than 1 million times. Available for iPad at the Apple Store for $0.99-$1.99 each or $4.99 for the package. The eight modules: Controlling Water Activity in Food, Understanding Water Activity, Testing and Adjusting pH, The pH Scale & Meter Calibration, Using the Microscope, Gram Staining, Bacteria Sampling, Testing for Corn Mold.
Image of Media Productions Learning Games Lab