October 17, 2015

  • Top 40 Best College Farm in America: With nearly 95,000 acres devoted to the study of farming, ranching and forestry, New Mexico State University and the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences have been honored as one of the 40 best college farms in America, according to College Ranker. College Ranker is an online service based in Columbus, Ohio, geared toward prospective university students that develops rankings of various attributes of universities across the country. The rankings were determined using criteria such as hands-on experiences; student involvement; community outreach programs; workshops, classes and lectures; volunteering opportunities; and degree plan options, which includes agricultural economics and business, agronomy and animal science at NMSU. To view entire ranking, please see the 40 Best College Farms.

Cooperative Extension Service

  • School Enrichment Programs: The county agents in the Northern District have been busy conducting school enrichment programming for youth of all ages this fall. Recently, Christina Turner and Tom Dominguez of the Santa Fe County Extension Office recently participated as presenters for the annual Santa Fe Children's Water Fiesta. Their session included a slide presentation and a hands-on activity on "Irrigation Investigation" in which they address methods in which farmers are practicing water conservation. They repeated the presentation ten times reaching approximately 200 fourth grade students.

  • 2015 Local Food Festival: Bernalillo County Office along with Bernalillo County, Mid-Region Council of Governments, and Community Partners collaborated together to host the 2015 Local Food Festival "We've Got the Dirt on Local Food" conducted on October 11. The event celebrates local agriculture, local food producers, and everything local. This year's theme was based in part on the U.N. Year of Soil. Local county agents organized and spoke on topical workshops on soil, compost, and insects; 4-H youth activities, petting zoo, and ag in the classroom; nutrition educational activities; Master Gardener and Master Composters answering questions; and general extension outreach. The event featured local farmers, local food trucks, chef demonstrations with locally grown produce, local crafters and value-added producers, local beer and cider, area non-profits and government agencies, school gardens, art, a tour of the historic Gutierrez Hubbel House, and a petting zoo and kids activities sponsored by 4-H. The event organizers estimate over 5,000 people in attendance for the one-day event. Local Agents who participated included John Garlisch and Brittany (Grube) Sonntag, co-organizers for the event, as well as Cindy Davies, Sarah Haynes with ICAN activities + ICAN educators, and Graeme Davis, horticulture agent speaking about insects. Brittany was in charge of the 4-H youth activities.

Plant and Environmental Sciences

  • Free Online Access: aWhere Inc. is happy to support the students, researchers and faculty associated with the University of La Salle's Utopía Project, by providing free access to our online Weather Analysis Module, part of our Dev aWhere platform. Via this platform, students and faculty have access to valuable, daily historical, real-time and forecast weather and agronomic data. This partnership with La Salle University has been fostered through a close relationship aWhere has with Dr. Mick O'Neill of the Plant and Environmental Sciences Department at New Mexico State University. The Utopía project is a unique educational concept established by the University of La Salle's Bogotá, Colombia, which integrates agricultural, educational, and productive opportunities for resource-limited young people - men and women from rural areas of Colombia - Who have been traumatized by violence during 20 to 30 years of drug wars.