October 27, 2017

image of Aldemar Madrid delivering a hands-on lesson and demonstration on knife skills

Family and Consumer Sciences Education (FCS)

  • Aldemar Madrid, a graduate student in FCS, delivered a hands-on lesson and demonstration on knife skills to culinary arts students at Santa Teresa High School in the Gadsden Independent School District. Practicum is an essential part of the Family and Consumer Sciences Education teaching methods courses. Family and Consumer Sciences Education students get hands-on experience in teaching, as they strengthen bonds between the local secondary Family and Consumer Science Programs and New Mexico State University.
Image of solar panels where fifth graders learn about renewable energy

Energy, ACES, and Engineering

  • This fall, 5th graders in all 80 elementary schools in the Anne Arundel Public Schools District in Annapolis, Maryland will be learning about renewable energy using NMSU's educational and Extension educational resources at energy.nmsu.edu. These videos, produced through an NMSU collaborative video project between video producer Tomilee Turner, ACES Media Productions; and Tom Jenkins, head of Engineering Technology, College of Engineering, teach how natural light, heat, and wind energy can be used to replace or supplement more traditional energy sources.
Image of The Progressive Agriculture Foundation

Progressive Agriculture Foundation and NMSU Cooperative Extension Service (CES)

  • Many in agriculture know someone whose life has been affected by a farm-related injury or death. Even more tragic is that these incidents could have been prevented with a few simple safety precautions. The Progressive Agriculture Foundation is on a national crusade to bring safety and health information to the farming and rural communities who desperately need it. These safety days are designed to be age-appropriate, hands-on, fun, and safe for children. Since the late 1990s, the NMSU CES throughout eastern New Mexico have coordinated safety day training for 3rd grade students and teachers.  These safety days have involved over 55,000 students and teachers, along with 6,665 volunteers.  The 2017 New Mexico Farm Safety Day trainings have just wrapped up, involving over 4000 students and teachers, along with 261 community volunteers.  Participating counties included Chaves, Lea, Eddy, Curry, Roosevelt, Guadalupe, De Baca, Union, Colfax and Quay.