October 31, 2014

ACES College

  • Five representatives from the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Chinese Academy of Agricultural scientists visited the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences to learn what our faculty are doing with low carbon input agriculture. After meeting with several scientists from the departments of Plant and Environmental Sciences Extension Plant Sciences, and Entomology, Plant Pathology and Weed Sciences on campus, Drs. David Thompson, Associate Dean and Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station System, and Steven Loring, Associate Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station System, escorted the delegation around the state to visit the Los Lunas Agricultural Science Center, Sandoval County Extension Office, Sustainable Agriculture Science Center at Alcalde, and the Farmington Agricultural Science Center. While at Farmington, they also visited the Navajo Agricultural Products Industry (NAPI). Drs. Kevin Lombard and Mick O'Niell, Plant and Environmental Sciences faculty stationed at the Farmington Agricultural Science Center, accompanied the delegation to the Hoover Dam in Nevada, and to the University of California-Davis for further presentations.

NMSU Rodeo

  • NMSU Rodeo hosted the 2014 "Wild Ride" on Friday at the Southern NM Fairgrounds. Rodeo athletes competed in a different style - dressed up in Halloween costumes. The activities continued on Saturday night with the 2014 Frank DuBois Bronc Riding & Tie-Down Roping. Some of the best bronc riders and tie-down ropers competed against each other in an action packed, family friendly event.

Cooperative Extension Service

  • Extension Plant Sciences: Dr. Elena Sevostianova and Dr. Bernd Leinauer (first and third from left) from the Extension Plant Sciences Department received an invitation to attend FAO's (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) Committee on Agriculture 24th session in Rome, Italy. This committee meets only every 2 years and an invitation to the researchers was extended because of a paper that they recently published in Crop Science. Drs. Sevostianova and Leinauer also met with representatives of FAO's Land and Soil Division to brief them in more detail on some the findings of their research. As a result of the meeting administrators and researchers at FAO expressed interest in developing and signing a MOU with NMSU to further collaborate on Extension and research activities that are relevant to irrigation and food production in saline and arid environments.

NMSU Media Productions/Learning Games Lab

  • NMSU Media Productions and Learning Games Lab is partnering with researchers from across the country on communicating research and findings related to norovirus, commonly referred to as the Cruise Ship Virus. Representing NMSU at the NoroCORE Conference in Dallas, is Seth Powers, one of the animators from the team who has been working with national researchers to develop 3-D models of the virus and short animations that communicate norovirus risk.