Animal and Range Sciences

Archived Reports from 2014 - 2018


Oct. 19

A $50,000 estate gift, in memory of an alum’s mentor in the College of ACES, will be made to the Dr. and Mrs. Hallford Endowed Fund in the Department of Animal and Range Sciences. This alum has been welcomed into the NMSU Foundation’s 1888 Society for this documented planned gift.

Image of Range Science program at NMSU

Aug. 31

Thirty six undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in natural resource courses offered by the Range Science program at NMSU attended the summer tour of the New Mexico Section of the Society for Range Management on Friday, August 24. The tour included visits to a number of sites on the Agua Chiquita grazing allotment in the Lincoln National Forest. Students were able to gain hands-on experience with riparian conservation and management projects. They had a unique opportunity to interact with ranchers and natural resource professionals from the US Forest Service and the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service – most of whom graduated from NMSU with a Range Science degree- to learn about the science and art of harmonizing animal agriculture and natural resource conservation in New Mexico. Most of the students attending the tour are enrolled in Rangeland Resource Management, Rangeland Resource Ecology, and Arid Land Plant-Animal Interactions this semester.

Image of NMSU Range Club placing 3rd in the Student Chapter Display Competition

Feb. 16

Congratulations NMSU Range Club for placing 3rd in the Student Chapter Display Competition! Your booth was seen by over 700 people attending the Society for Range Management and gave great exposure to NMSU, the ANRS department, and our great state of New Mexico. We are proud of you!


Image of cattlemen from Mexico

Dec. 1

Nine cattlemen from Mexico visited with Dean Rolando Flores and Dr. Shanna Ivey, interim department head of Animal and Range Science, as part of NMDA’s end of the year inbound mission. The nine gentlemen were in New Mexico buying Angus and Brangus bulls and took the opportunity to visit with the College’s representative to discuss ideas to address common issues and explore collaboration. Cattlemen in New Mexico, and Sonora and Chihuahua, Mexico face similar issues with range management and care for the Angus and Brangus breeds so the meeting offered a great opportunity to exchange ideas. The inbound mission ended at the 2017 Joint Stockmen Convention organized by the New Mexico Cattle Growers Association.

Image of Dr. Hatim Geli

Sep. 15

Dr. Hatim Geli, who joined NMSU in September 2016 as an assistant professor of Landscape Hydrology and faculty affiliate with the New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute (NM WRRI), has received a prestigious National Science Foundation award through the Innovations in the Food, Energy, and Water Systems program. The expected award is about $1.55 million for a three-year performance period. Dr. Geli as PI will lead a team of researchers and collaborators from NMSU including Drs. Cibils, Fernald, Peach, and Steele; National Drought Mitigation Center, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; NASA Marshal Space Flight Center; and University of New Mexico. The proposed research will address New Mexico’s critical need to resiliently manage its food, energy, and water resources while considering impacts from drought and socioeconomic shocks. Read the proposed Research Abstract.

Image of Jennifer Hernandez Gifford

Sep. 1

Jennifer Hernandez-Gifford, an associate professor of reproductive physiology, received the Young Scientist Award, which is awarded through a nomination process only one time per year. The award recognizes outstanding research achievement by a candidate age 40 or younger. Ryan Ashley, an assistant professor in the NMSU Department of Animal and Range Sciences, nominated Hernandez-Gifford for the award. Young Scientist Award nominees' research activities are evaluated in terms of contributions to greater efficiency or quality of livestock production or utilization. Research from Hernandez-Gifford's lab is expected to help reproductive physiologists provide novel and innovative methods to ensure economic success for livestock producers while feeding the world's growing population. The long-term goal of Hernandez-Gifford's research is providing knowledge about the physiological role and mechanism of action of ovarian WNT signaling molecules in follicular development in the adult ovary.

Image of Andres Cibils, Dr. Lara Prihodko and Joslyn Beard

May 14

Andres Cibils, Dr. Lara Prihodko and Joslyn Beard from the Animal and Range Sciences Department participated in the second annual Artesia Junior High School Ag Day. Twenty presenters from the region, including several groups from NMSU, were on hand to increase awareness about agriculture in the state. Drs. Cibils and Prihodko presented information on the Range Science program at NMSU and Ms. Beard, currently a graduate student in the department, presented information about career possibilities with an NMSU Animal Science degree. There were also interactive stations where students could learn more about current research in the ANRS department both in New Mexico and abroad. Approximately, 600, 8th and 9th grade students took part in Ag Day.

Image of Stacia Prosser

Stacia Prosser was awarded a student travel fellowship from the International Stockmen's Educational Foundation (ISEF) to attend the International Livestock Congress (ILC) in Houston, Texas from March 8-9, 2017. This fellowship is offered to twelve select students from around the world who demonstrate scholastic achievement, leadership, and the drive to initiate an impactful career in agriculture. The ILC is a global event held yearly for domestic and international leaders in the livestock and meat industry to discuss matters of global importance. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) projects a 50 percent increase in world food demand by 2030 to support the growing global population. This year, the topic was "Balancing Livestock and Water Use for Sustainable Nutrition," with invited talks and panel discussions addressing soil and water sustainability and worldwide human welfare--current topics of concern. The main question asked was: how do we produce a greater amount of nutritious food while navigating the water crisis? At the ILC, each speaker reports relevant information about the current international status, and panel discussions conclude the event by identifying prospective opportunities to reach a solution including areas of research interest, necessary technological advancements and changes in global policy, as well as improvements to the education of future young scholars and agriculturalists to protect our future. Stacia is pursuing her Ph.D. in animal science in Dr. Ryan Ashley's laboratory.

Image of 2a Jornada de Ganaderia Criolla (Criollo Cattle Meeting)

Andres Cibils attended the 2a Jornada de Ganadería Criolla (Criollo Cattle Meeting) in Chamical, La Rioja, Argentina on April 18-21. Dr. Cibils gave a presentation on the joint research conducted by the USDA-ARS Jornada Experimental Range and the Department of Animal and Range Sciences titled "Grazing behavior of Raramuri Criollo cattle in the SW United States and northern Mexico." The conference was organized by Argentina's Instituto Nacional de Tecnologí­a Agropecuaria (INTA), Estación Experimental Agropecuaria La Rioja and the Universidad Nacional de La Rioja. Over 600 people attended the event including scientists, ranchers, and students. Dr. Cibils was also able to visit a research ranch where current collaborative NMSU-INTA Criollo cattle research is being conducted. Discussions were held about the possibility of setting up a network of long-term grazing studies at sites in New Mexico (USA), La Rioja (Argentina and Chihuahua, Mexico) to study the environmental footprint of raising Criollo cattle in hot semiarid environments.

Image of The Plains Nutrition Conference

Apr. 28

Nine graduate students from the Animal and Range Sciences department attended the Plains Nutrition Conference in San Antonio, Texas in April 2017. Posters were presented by Eben Oosthuysen and Rachel Carey in the Graduate Student Research Poster competition. Ms. Carey received second place for her research poster entitled “Innate immune response, diet digestibility, and ruminal fermentation patterns of calves supplemented with crude glycerin via drinking water during endotoxin challenge.”

Mar. 10

Dr. Amy Ganguli has been selected as a team member to travel to China, including inner Mongolia and the Tibetan Plateau, as part of the United States-China Range Management Cooperative Exchange. This program is funded by United States Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agricultural Service, Scientific Cooperation Exchange Program (USDA, FAS-SCEP); the trip will take place in May 2017. There are challenges in China regarding land use for animal production, mining, and production of oil. The purpose of the trip is to transfer knowledge and technology about various aspects of rangeland management to Chinese researchers and land managers. Additionally, the team will seek opportunities for future collaboration. The team is comprised of primarily women faculty from California, Dr. Ganguli is the only faculty member representing New Mexico. This is an exciting opportunity for Dr. Ganguli that will help to increase the presence of our department and college in China.


Image of Derek Bailey rewarded a Fulbright Senior Scholarship

Nov. 26

Derek Bailey, Professor in the Animal and Range Sciences Department, was awarded a Fulbright Senior Scholarship. Bailey will travel to Australia and conduct collaborative research at Central Queensland University in Rockhampton from early February 2017 to late June 2017. The research will focus on precision livestock management and investigate the potential for real time tracking to identify disease and other animal welfare concerns of cattle and sheep. On extensive rangeland pastures, it is difficult for ranchers and farmers to visually determine if livestock are injured or becoming sick on a 24-hour basis. The research will develop tracking technologies that can remotely monitor illness in livestock. The Fulbright program provides travel and living expenses and facilitates interactions with other Fulbright Scholars and scientists as well as government leaders, including a visit to the Australian Parliament in Canberra.


Dec. 19

American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) World Contest: The Horse Judging Team competed at AQHA World Contest in Oklahoma City on November 14-19. The team was 5th in halter, 6th in performance, 7th in reasons, and 7th Molly Elliott was 6th high individual in performance. Other team members were Katie Creager, Tiffany Fowler, Larisa Estrada, and Haylee Lavoie, Team coaches are Laura White and Kayla Wells. Gamma Sigma Delta Annual Banquet: At the Gamma Sigma Delta, Gamma Sigma Delta Annual Banquet Honor Society of Agriculture, annual banquet Stacia Prosser and Allison Salazar were inducted as new members. The Distinguished Graduate Student Award at the Master's Level was awarded to Allison Salazar, while the Distinguished Graduate Teaching/Advising Award was presented to Shanna Ivey. Serving his second year as president of the organization is Eric Scholljegerdes.

Oct. 31

Clayton Livestock Research Center Field Day 2015: Several NMSU faculty members and graduate students participated in the Clayton Livestock Research Center Field Day 2015. Dr. Eric Sholljegerdes presented information on cattle wildlife interactions and cow calf production/nutrition, and Dr. Clint Loest reported on studies at Clayton to improve cattle productivity. Graduate students Margaret Garcia (Trace Minerals and Cattle Health), Eben Oosthuysen (Vaccine Studies and Animal Health), Kendal Samuelson (Protein Levels in Feed and Cattle Performance) and Zeno Bester (Trace Mineral Studies and Ongoing Research on Liver Abscesses) updated the audience on completed and proposed research projects. Also in attendance were Dr. Glenn Duff, Department Head; Dr. Mike Hubbert, Professor and Superintendent; Dr. Dave Thompson, Associate Dean and Director; Ms. Terra Winter, Assistant Dean for Donor Development and Alumni Relations; and several Extension personnel. Drs. Duff, Hubbert and Thompson and Ms. Winter provided updates on college and departmental activities. State Senator Pat Woods and State Representative Dennis Roch provided opening comments to the audience. Approximately 60 ranchers, university, industry and local representatives were in attendance. The field day, hosted by the Clayton Livestock Research Center Advisory Committee, provided a venue to inform locals about research activities at the center.

Image of All American Quarter Horse Congress

Oct. 24

All American Quarter Horse Congress: The NMSU Horse Judging Team traveled to Columbus, Ohio All American Quarter Horse contest to compete in the All American Quarter Horse Congress on October 14. The team is comprised of Katie Creager, sophomore Agriculture Economics major from Hobbs, NM; Molly Elliott, senior Animal Science major from Hobbs, NM; Lane Hand, junior Agriculture and Extension Education major from Clovis, NM; Larisa Estrada, junior Animal Science major from Reserve, NM; Tiffany Fowler, junior Animal Science major from Silver City, NM; and Haylee Lavoie, junior Animal Science major from Riverton, WY. The team placed 6th in Halter, 10th in Performance, 7th in Reasons and placed 7th overall out of over 20 teams from across the country. Katie Creager was 9th in Halter and Molly Elliott placed 10th in Reasons individually. The team is coached by graduate assistant Kayla Wells and animal science assistant professor Laura White. The team will compete at the Quarter Horse World Show in Oklahoma City on November 18, 2015.

Sep. 12

Western Section, American Society of Animal Science Young Scientist Award: At the Western Section, American Society of Animal Science (WSASAS) meeting hosted by the NMSU Animal and Range Sciences Department this summer in Ruidoso, the WSASAS Young Scientist Award was awarded to Ryan Ashley, assistant professor of animal science. This award recognizes outstanding achievement by young members of the society. Ryan was honored for his research contributions in the area of reproductive physiology. The Western Section American Society of Animal Science Service Award, the most prestigious honor given by this group, went to Mike Hubbert, professor and superintendent of the Clayton Livestock Research Center. He was cited for his work as a feedlot nutritionist, developing technologies for improvement of feeding systems cattle.

Sep. 5

Award Recipient: Laura White, assistant professor of animal science (equine science) received the National North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Early Career Outstanding Teacher Award for 2015.

Aug. 29

Top Animal Science Professor: Dennis Hallford, Regents Professor and Distinguished Achievement Professor in the Department of Animal and Range Sciences, was recently named one of the Top 20 Animal Science Professors in the country by He is noted for the flair and wit he brings to difficult subject materials in anatomy and physiology and endocrinology courses. Hallford has received over 20 awards for his teaching, research, and service at the college, university, regional and national level in his 40 years at NMSU and is the author/co-author of over 600 refereed journal articles, proceedings, and abstracts.

May 15

Dr. Laura White, assistant professor of animal science (equine science) received the National North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Early Career Outstanding Teacher Award for 2015.

Apr. 17

The NMSU Horse Judging Team, coached by Dr. Laura White and assisted by Kayla Wells, placed 5th in Halter, 5th in Performance, and 4th High Overall at the Spring Sweepstakes Horse Judging Contest in Dallas, Texas on April 14. Individuals placing in the contest were Katie Creager (2nd in Halter, 10th in Reasons, and 10th High Overall), Larissa Estrada (9th High Overall), and Susana Urias (15th in Performance). Other team members were Tiffany Fowler, Elizabeth Elliott, and Dustin Gaskins.

Apr. 10

Andrés Cibils, Professor of Range Science, has been selected to participate in the Summer Institute in Israel Fellowship from May 24-June 4. The fellowship allows U.S. faculty members to have the opportunity to network with Israeli colleagues and explore joint collaboration opportunities.

The Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program has awarded a collaborative grant titled "Implementation of Genetic Selection for Grazing Distribution to Make Cattle Grazing in the Western U.S. More Sustainable" to researchers at NMSU, Colorado State University, University of California, Davis, and University of Arizona. Serving as PI for the 3 year project will be Derek Bailey, Professor of Range Science at NMSU.

Alejandra Lerma, animal science undergraduate, has been selected to participate in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Exceptional Summer Research Opportunities Program. Alejandra will work with the Harvard Stem Cell Institute Internship program in Boston. She will conduct research at the Brigham and Women's Hospital studying developmental biology of cancer and identification of the pathways leading to cell mutation.

Mar. 27

Glenn Duff has accepted the Department Head position beginning July 1, 2015. He is currently Head of the Department of Animal and Range Sciences at Montana State University. Dr. Duff received his B.S. in animal and dairy science at Northwest Missouri State University, his M.S. in animal physiology at University of Arkansas and his Ph.D. in animal nutrition at New Mexico State University. Upon graduation, he was a postdoctoral research associate at Clayton Livestock Research Center (CLRC), then went on to serve as Research Specialist at University of Arkansas, and Sales Nutritionist with Farr Better Feeds. He returned to the CLRC in 1994 and served as Superintendent there until August 2001. He was member of the faculty at The University of Arizona from 2001 to 2010 when he began his duties at Montana State. He has been an active member of the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) and served as Secretary/Treasurer, President-Elect and President of the Western Section, ASAS. He and his wife, Donna, are looking forward to returning to the desert southwest and NMSU.

Mar. 13

The NMSU Ranch Horse Team took FIRST PLACE overall at the Colorado State University Spring Ranch Horse Competition on March 7-9, 2015 in Fort Collins, Colorado. Individual placing include Katie Kapp - Non-Pro High Point All Around; Shelby Siegenthaler - Novice High Point All Around; Jacquie Best - 2nd in Non-Pro Division; Lily Woodall - 4th and 5th in Limited Non-Pro Division; Myelia Mott - 6th in Limited Non-Pro Division; and Braiden Clement - 9th in Novice Division. Joby Priest serves as team coach.

Image of Friend of Safety Award

Mar. 6

Friend of Safety Award: The NMSU Environmental and Health Safety Office honored Dennis Hallford (pictured) Dr. Dennis Hallford Friend of Safety Award with the "Friend of Safety" Award for his exemplary years of service to promoting safety on campus through serving on the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC; 24 years) and Radiation Safety Committee (30 years). He was presented with an engraved globe, representing the impact of safety leaders make in the world, at the Department Heads Council meeting on February 24.

Legislators Day in Santa Fe: Kelsey Quinn, PhD student in animal science working with Dr. Ryan Ashley, represented the department and the NMSU Graduate School at the Legislators Day in Santa Fe. She has also been accepted for a six-week laboratory and lecture course at the Frontiers in Reproduction Molecular and Cellular Concepts Applications training at Woods Hole, MA on May 3 -June 14.

Society for Range Management meeting: Dave Stricklan, range science doctoral student whose advisor is Dr. Derek Bailey, received 2nd Place in PhD poster competition at the Society for Range Management meeting in Sacramento, California. His poster was titled "Approaches to reduce cattle use of riparian areas through herding and strategic supplement."


Nov. 21

Laura White, assistant professor (equine science) and Monica Salazar, M.S. student working with Dr. Ryan Ashley, were inducted into Gamma Sigma Delta, the Honor Society of Agriculture during their 36th annual banquet on November 19. Also during the banquet Laura Goodman, Ph.D. student in Range Science, received the Distinguished Graduate Student Award for Gamma Sigma Delta.

Oct. 24 announced its Fall 2014 Animal Science Graduate Programs rankings based on ratings and reviews from current or recent graduate students posted on More than 70,000 students participating in over 1600 programs nationwide participated in the review. New Mexico State University's Animal and Range Sciences Department placed 5th in the Top 25 Animal Science Programs, receiving a score of 8.83 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best). Rankings cover topics such as academic competitiveness, career support, financial aid, and quality of network.

Oct. 10

About 1750 prospective students and their parents attended the AGGIE EXPERIENCE Program in Pan Am Center on Saturday, October 4. The Animal and Range Sciences table was one of 64 booths at the event and was visited by many individuals. Thanks to Megan Coleson and Kris Robles for designing the display and also to Megan and Dr. Dennis Hallford for the exceptional job of describing the program to visitors.

The Smokin' Animal and Range Science team comprised of Nick Petersen, Dr. Eric Scholljegerdes, Dr. Tim Ross, Brian Samson, and Dr. Clint Loest, took first place honors at the Rootin' Tootin' Rib Cook-Off at the Mesilla Valley Maze on October 5.

Animal and Range Sciences faculty and students participated in the University Research Fair. Presenting were Dr. Amanda Ashley ("Therapeutic targets for doxorubicin resistant breast cancer"); Colleen Buck ("Effects of ad libitum supplement containing increasing levels of microalgae, Scenedesmus sp.,on site and extent of digestion in beef heifers consuming a forage-based diet," M.S. student working with Dr. Eric Scholljegerdes); and Brandon Smythe ("Behavioral responses of cattle under naturally-occurring population of horn flies (Diptera:Muscidae)" and "Query-driven database of registered pesticides for management of animal ectoparasites in New Mexico", Ph.D. student working with Dr. Mark Wise).

Dr. Ryan Ashley, assistant professor of animal science, was recently awarded a $48,000 grant from the Cowboys for Cancer Research Foundation, for his proposal titled "Understanding the role of membrane progesterone receptor alpha signaling in breast cancer."

Oct. 3

Dr. John Campbell, Dr. Laura White (Horse Show) and Dr. Adam Summers were involved in animal judging contests at the Southern New Mexico State Fair this week. Our students, Clayton, Gardner, Joslyn Beard and Lyndi Ownsby helped with the showing of animals.

Sep. 26

Dr. Dennis Hallford, interim Department Head, held their annual Freshman BBQ Picnic and Club Fair on Thursday, serving hamburgers to 125 freshman animal and range sciences majors. Departmental student organizations displayed club information and encouraged participation in one or more of these groups. The event was coordinated and food was prepared by the Animal and Range Sciences Graduate Student Association (ARSGSA). The Department also recently hosted a "Welcome Back" Ice Cream Social for faculty and staff and their families. Honored guests at this event were graduate students and emeritus faculty/staff.

June 20

Animal and Range Sciences conducted a training class for the soldiers of Charlie Company 410th Civil Affairs Battalion. The soldiers were trained in basic animal health, grazing and anatomy to prepare them for deployment into Central and South America. Dr. Dennis Hallford, Regents Professor; Dr. Tim Ross, Department Head; Dr. Andres Cibils, Professor; Dr. Raed Halalsheh, staff; and Whit Stewart, Ph.D. Candidate conducted the training.

The annual Neumann Graduate Student competition was held June 12, 2014 in the Animal and Range Science Department. Eight students competed in a scientific paper presentation competition. This was the 30th year of the competition and is supported by a gift from Dr. A.L. Neumann, a former department head. The competition prepares students to present their research at professional meetings during the summer. First place was Kendall Samuelson, Ph.D. student in Dr. Clint Loest's lab, and second place was Megan Coleson, a M.S. student from Dr. Ross' lab.

The 2014 Training Program for Navajo Nation Grazing Officials took place on June 18-19 in Tsaile, Arizona. Dr. John Wenzel covered cattle health and beef cattle quality assurance certification for the attendees. He conducted hands-on training in cattle vaccination. Dr. Andrea Harwell, DVM, conducted lectures and hands-on activities with equine health. Dr. Tim Ross conducted hands-on training in sheep health and evaluation followed by lectures that included sheep health, nutrition and a sheep management calendar. This training enables the grazing officials to work with their area livestock producers to improve livestock production management.

May 9

The 31st Annual NMSU Bull and Horse Sale was Saturday, April 26, at the NMSU Horse Farm. Twenty-seven bulls (Angus and Brangus) raised on the NMSU Ranches sold (average =$3500 each) and 18 horses (average $2100 each) sold on a very windy day. This was the highest average recorded for the bull sale. Attendees complimented the department on the professionalism of our students working the sale and also the quality of animals offered for sale. Students enrolled in at least 4 (more than 100 students) different courses participated in various elements of the sale, which provided excellent hands-on experience and also exposure to the beef and equine industries. We had buyers from Oregon to Chihuahua and Arizona to Texas.

ACES and the Department of Animal and Range Sciences co-sponsored the Mutt Show. This was the premier Animal Services Center of Mesilla Valley adoption activity. Events included a variety of fun-filled dog shows open to the public. This is the first time this event has been held on the NMSU campus.

Dr. Tim Ross and Alejandra Lerma (pre-vet student) attended the Las Cruces Mesilla Valley Rotary Club to talk about the Faculty-Led international Program (FLiP) course titled "Wildlife Medicine and Conservation in the Tropics: Belize". Kristi Drexler, FLiP Coordinator, made the course possible.

Apr. 25

The NMSU Ranch Horse Team competed at the ASHA Collegiate Championship Show in Loveland, Colorado on April 9-13 with the team finishing 5th place overall. Jacquie Best won Reserve All Around in the Limited Non Pro division while Katy Kapp was 7th All Around in the Limited Non Pro division. Andie Allen won the Novice Reining. Other team members were Chelsea Reimholz, Mieke Canan, Rylan Walters, and Myrlon Mott with Joby Priest as Team Coach.

The NMSU Horse Judging Team participated in the Spring Horse Judging Contest in Dallas, Texas on April 10-16. The team finished 17th overall out of 28 teams. Violet Herrera was 2nd in halter and 9th overall while Kyia Lively was 13th in halter.

An alum of ACES, Animal and Range Science, Mike Casabonne received the "Sheepman of the Year Award" from the NM Wool Growers, Inc. This award was given to Mike for his involvement and insight in New Mexico ranching.

Mar. 21

Animal and Range Sciences Department gives a Farm Tour of animals on Mondays and Thursdays for school age children. They have a least 4 schools that bring kids to tour the on campus farm animals. It is highly successful and an excellent recruiting tool.

Mar. 14

Dr. Dennis Hallford, Regents Professor, was recognized March 12th for 24 years of service to the New Mexico State University Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.

Mr. Neil Burcham received the American Brahman Breeder's Association (ABBA) "Friend of the Year" award during the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. The Brahman Friend of the Year Award was initiated to recognize individuals such as Burcham who devote their time and efforts to the improvement and promotion of the Brahman cattle breed. Neil has judged or participated in education seminars in Mexico, Sierra Leone, Colombia, Guatemala, Thailand, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Paraguay and Ecuador. He has judged cattle and hogs in California, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Florida, and Alaska. ABBA Executive Vice President Chris Shivers stated, "Neil Burcham is truly a Brahman friend in every sense of the word and most deserving of this award. He is passionate about the breed, knows its role, has helped improve the breed and has promoted it. Mr. Burcham has been on the faculty at New Mexico State University for over 40 years and since this time has overseen the university Brahman herd and conducted practical research.

Animal and Range Sciences judging team members (all members are students) and Dr. John Campbell provided officials, livestock and wool for the regional FFA Career Development Events in Carrizozo, NM on Saturday, March 8. The judging team members have assisted with contests in Tor C and Carrizozo, and will help with the Las Cruces contests this Saturday. The Animal Sciences department sees these events and the state contests as a way to promote animal agriculture in the state and provide an excellent recruiting tool for NMSU and ACES.

Feb. 28

The Department of Animal and Range Science conducted a training session on NMSU campus farm for the 85th Civil Affairs Brigade and 80th Civil Affairs Battalion, Fort Bliss on Feb 26 and 27. NMSU personnel conducting the training were Dr. Raed Halalsheh (temp staff), Consuelo Gurule (undergrad), Megan Coleson (Grad Student) and Dr. Tim Ross, Department Head. The training provided information for soldiers assigned to work with citizens in Eastern Europe and East Asia with sheep enterprises.

Feb. 14

The 67th Annual International Meeting of the Society for Range Management (SRM) was held in Orlando, Florida February 8-13. The following awards were presented to NMSU students and faculty at the Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, February 12. Laura Goodman (PhD student in Range Science, won 1st place in the Graduate Student Poster Competition at the PhD level. The title of her poster was "Effects of Applying Picloram and Aminopyralid with 2,4-D on White Locoweed in Northern New Mexico". The NMSU Range Club won 3rd place in the Student Chapter Display Contest. There are 21 Sections at the state or regional level in the SRM, and the University Range Clubs are the Student Chapters of the Sections. There were 8 chapters in the competition.

Dr. Lauri Abbott, Associate Professor of Range Science, was awarded the "Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award" by the Range Science Education Council. This award was established to encourage and recognize individual excellence in teaching that has extended over the course of many years and incites intellectual curiosity in students, engages them thoroughly in the process of learning, and has a life-long impact.

June 27

The 2014 Western Section, American Society of Animal Science meeting was held June 24-27 at Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas. Dr. Tim Ross received the 2014 Western Section, American Society of Animal Science "Distinguished Service Award." Eric Scholljegerdes received the American Society of Animal Science "Young Scientist Award." Thirteen papers were presented in the Graduate Student Competition with six of those being by NMSU students, while six of the 8 undergraduate student posters presented were NMSU students. Graduate Student Paper Competition first place went to Kendall Samuelson and second place went to Kelsey Quinn. Student Awards went to Francesca Melgar, First Place, Nicole Sanchez, second place and Matthew Crouse, third place. Other NMSU recognitions received were: Academic Quadrathlon Team, First Place-Written Exam, WSASAS Graduate Student Representatives Kelsey Quinn and James Graves, Institutional Graduate Student Paper Award went to NMSU (5th consecutive year) and WSASAS Young Scholar Recognition Program when to Ely Camaco.