Updated 3/24/2020 On-Campus Call Forwarding

Telework | Forward to Local Number

On-campus faculty and staff may choose to forward their office phone to a local number. Go to myphone.nmsu.edu and login with your myNMSU credentials. If prompted to update PIN, enter new PIN and login again if window closes.

From the website, go to Phones > Call Forwarding select Forward all calls to: and enter 8 followed by 7-digit phone number, do not enter an area code.

For assistance, email ict_wodesk@nmsu.edu.

Call Forwarding text field to enter phone number as guide

On-Campus | Forward to Local Number

Select Forward All option on the bottom of the phone screen; sometimes abbreviated CFwdALL. Next, press 8 followed by the 7-digit phone number, do not enter an area code. The phone will beep and the screen should display calls forwarded to the number entered.

Forward to a Non-Local Number

If you need to forward your work phone to a non-local number, email ict_wodesk@nmsu.edu and include the following:

  • Employee name
  • NMSU phone #
  • NMSU email address
  • Phone # to transfer to

Information provided and revised from NMSU ICT Remote Work Resources.