Video Conferencing

With integrated video, voice, and data capabilities, video conferencing lets you connect and collaborate anytime, anywhere. Teach a class, participate in a meeting, or talk one-on-one with a colleague or interview a job candidate with full video and audio. Enhanced features let you play DVD or VHS tapes, show a PowerPoint or other application directly from your laptop, or use a document camera to share information.

ACES has several videoconferencing units across the state. Units are located at the Bernalillo, Chaves, Rio Arriba, Quay and San Juan County Extension offices, as well as the Clovis Ag Science Center. In addition, District Director's offices in Santa Fe and Clovis are also equipped with smaller room units.

On campus, several units are located throughout Skeen, Knox and Gerald Thomas Hall. Most units are equipped with multipoint software which allow conferences with a maximum of four sites. Video conference units also have image share capabilities which enable participants to share laptop content with participants at all sites.

PVX videoconferencing software has also been installed on several laptops around the state and allows agents and specialists to participate from any location.

ACES IT has also developed several partnerships with other sites across the state. Our partner locations usually allow us to use their room and equipment at no cost. Contact us for a complete list and we will help coordinate your next video conference.