100-year anniversary National Cooperative Extension System

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Although Extension-type work began in New Mexico in the 1900s, this year marks the 100-year anniversary of the national Cooperative Extension System - a network of educators from the state land-grant university who extend university-based knowledge and research to individuals, families and communities. Because these educators (often called county agents) live in the same communities where they work, they are a trusted source of research-based knowledge.

ACES and NMSU join the national celebration with this collection of historical photos and documents. While celebrating Extension's heritage, our primary focus is looking forward to responding to the needs of New Mexico's citizens over the next 100 years with timely and practical educational programs for families, youth, farmers, communities and businesses.

Join our celebration by contacting your local Extension agent.

ACES History Portal

To help celebrate the national Centennial of the Cooperative Extension System, ACES looks back to the birth of the NMSU Cooperative Extension Service. Browse through these historical photos and publications, documenting the Extension people, programs and achievements that have help shaped New Mexico.

Extension News | College Courier

Archives of the Cooperative Extension Service's Extension News (also known as the College Courier and the New Mexico Farm Courier)

Extension Agent Stories

Visit The Writings of Orren Beaty, New Mexico Cooperative Extension agent from 1916-1934, chronicled changes in agricultural practices in his journals.