Rio Abajo Learning Garden

Leafy greens from the vegetable bed in the Rio Abajo Garden
Vegetable garden bed in the Rio Abajo Learning Garden

At the Los Lunas Agricultural Science Center, we established a learning garden in 2018, with the intent to cultivate an educational experience focused around sustainable gardening practices and integrative pest management (IPM). Through our learning garden we intend to bring both a sensory and exploratory learning experience to the surrounding Valencia county community.

Due to the aridity of the climate in New Mexico, plants must overcome poor soil quality coupled with extremely high temperatures and minimal precipitation. Understanding the best growing practices—whether it be for pollinator health or human consumption—can help us work towards a more sustainable future. The Rio Abajo Learning Garden currently features 28 species of native perennial flowers, 4 species of native grasses, vegetables and herbs, and a cactus garden.

Come and get your hands dirty as we explore and demonstrate what can be grown in our area!