Financial Aid

At first, financing the rising costs of a college education seems a daunting task, but funds are available. It’s just a matter of finding them. This guide to financial resources will help you do just that. For example, you can earn as you learn, working part-time jobs in the summer, or at a work-study or co-op assignments. You can also borrow money through financial institutions, or through the college you attend. Another option is for you to apply for a grant or a scholarship. Also, another valuable resource is family resources.

In addition to Financial Aid (from federal, state, and school specific) available to college students, there are sources specifically for Native American students, who classify as minorities. Some valuable resources include the Bureau of Indian Affairs Higher Education Grants, Tribal scholarships, and other corporate funds designated specifically for minority and/or Native American students.

This booklet prepared by the New Mexico State University Indian Resources Development Program lists sources of financial aid for Native American college students and potential college students. It does not list every source, but it can be a beginning point in your search for funds with which to finance your education. Eligibility, requirements, and deadline vary for every scholarship listed. We strongly urge you to contact potential sources for further information and requirements, as this is only an informative guide.