Youth Apps Privacy Policy for New Mexico State University Media Productions & Learning Games Lab

We take the privacy of our users very seriously, especially in the case of minors.

In our youth-oriented mobile apps (Pearl Diver, Ratio Rumble, Math Snacks Video Player, Eat & Move-o-Matic, e-Judging, e-Judging Pro, 4-H Livestock, Virtual Labs):

  • We do not collect any personal information on a central server. (Information entered by the user, e.g., in the e-Judging and 4-H Livestock apps, may be exported from the device by the user.)

  • We do not utilize information about your device or IP address except to facilitate internal server maintenance.

  • We do not store or share your location.

  • We do not share your personal data with other companies.

Please contact us at for more information. If you contact us by email, we will use the personally identifiable email address information only to respond to the specific inquiry.

This policy may be amended at any time to reflect changes to technology, industry and our development process.