Jeanne Gleason, EdD

Jeanne Gleason

Extension Executive Producer

Head of Department - Media Productions


New Mexico State University - NMSU

With more than 30 years experience as an instructional designer and educational media developer, I have helped build educational programs for diverse audiences, particularly in food safety, across ages, borders and cultures. I understand how to analyze an audience's needs, learning style and delivery environment and have made it a priority to develop a team of experts in video, animation, games and Web applications to fuel the development of award-winning, innovative educational media – including learning games, touchscreen kiosks, websites, videos and print publications in six different languages (Spanish, Navajo, Mandarin, Cantonese, Fijian and English), to describe just a few of the many projects I've directed over the years.

I have built a nationally recognized production studio for creative videos, multimedia, distance outreach and educational game production. I am the executive producer for more than 700 educational videos and 100 multimedia projects and support a team of noted game developers.

I received the USDA Diversity Award and ACE Harmony Award for my programs for non-English speaking audiences, and the ACE Professional award for my long-term work as communicator in Agriculture, Natural Resources, Life and Human Sciences. I have played key roles on teams that have generated more than $30 million for NMSU through grants and contracts and am active in international work, most recently in the Middle East and China. My documentaries have been featured at the Smithsonian Institution and carried on PBS stations in the USA, the Australian Broadcasting Company and the Israeli Discovery Channel. My interactive media productions are being used internationally and by numerous federal agencies, universities and school systems.

I have recently completed a large project on exergames (games that encourage physical activity), including directing development of a dynamic website enabling online sharing of research, best practices, practical recommendations, and evaluation strategies, especially in schools. Currently I am working on media projects showcasing novel technologies for produce safety and creating virtual food safety laboratory exercises, as well as overseeing numerous other projects in the studio.

Jeanne Gleason
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