Learning Game Lab

The NMSU Learning Games Lab is the research and testing arm of Media Productions.

An exploratory environment for various audiences to play and evaluate products, the Learning Games Lab tests all kinds of multimedia, including those designed by Media Productions. Recent projects include innovative games and animations for science and math, a national initiative on active games, and research activities with youth.

The lab includes:

  • Research space for assessing, evaluating and understanding game play mechanics and the potential for education, as well as characteristics of a wide variety of game players.
  • Focus group opportunities for evaluating newly designed games, interfaces and prototypes, such as those developed by NMSU Media Productions.
  • A dynamic library of games and game styles assisting student games consultants and game designers in evaluating trends and understanding new formats.
  • Development environment for students to learn through programming and design of games, exposure to potential careers, and the math, science and art of game design.

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