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Sheep Management Webinars & Recordings

2021 Spring

4-H Sheep Project Management

May 6 - Recording Coming Soon!

Topic: Lamb Project Management: Feeding, Health, and Show Prep

Herd Health & Lambing Considerations

Feb. 18 - Recording (Zoom) *
Duration: 1:38:13.

Fall 2020

The New Mexico State Cooperative Extension Service has partnered with the department of Animal and Range Sciences to bring sheep producers a webinar series that will cover reproductive, health, and nutrition management, along with information on how to best market lamb and wool.

The first seminar will cover reproductive management and selection. The goal is to educate producers on reproductive and selection techniques that can help improve productivity in a herd.

The second seminar will provide a standard health management protocol that can optimize herd health and performance. Nutrition goes hand in hand with health, so supplementation strategies both in range and confinement situations will be provided.

Marketing is becoming more challenging for many New Mexico sheep producers. The final seminar will provide insight from industry leaders to help producers find buyers of their products while still achieving good prices.

Reproductive Management

Sep. 21 - Recording (Zoom) *
Duration: 1:13:46.

  • Research Update - Dr. Jennifer Gifford

  • Reproductive Management Strategies - Sarah Pitassi

  • Selection Principles – Emily Bruton

Herd Health and Nutrition

Sep. 23 - Recording (Zoom) *
Duration: 1:21:58.

  • Health Management Calendar

  • Nutrition Management


Sep. 25 - Recording (Zoom) *
Duration: 1:30:51.

  • The Lamb Market – Where It Is and Where Its Going

  • Wool Marketing – Mike Corn

  • Regional Wool Marketing Program – Brittany Chiapetti

Health Management

Sheep Webinar 1 - YouTube Video
Duration: 1:21:58.

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