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Kameren Carver

Kameren Carver is the warehouse manager for Carver Oil Company in Milan, New Mexico. He is responsible for the scheduling and the transportation of fuel and petroleum products, as well as customer outreach. He also manages the family cow-calf operation on the family ranch near the El Morro National Monument. Additionally, he farms twenty acres of mostly Sorghum, Sudangrass and Alfalfa. Kameren sits on his county’s board for the New Mexico Farm & Livestock Bureau, and enjoys the networking opportunities that position provides. Kameren holds a bachelor’s degree in English with a concentration in professional writing from the University of New Mexico.

Elden Harry

Elden Harry is the Small Grains Crop Manager for Navajo Agricultural Products Industry (NAPI) located in Farmington, New Mexico. Elden oversees 7,000 acres of hard red winter wheat, and is responsible for crop production, department financials, grain marketing and operational plans. Elden also has a 12 acre family farm that he grows alfalfa for his horses and other livestock. Elden also enjoys golfing, traveling, hiking, and spending time with family. He strongly feels that combining a working knowledge of crop production with a solid business sense is the key to the survival of the future of the agricultural industries. Elden is currently pursuing a degree in business from San Juan College.

Elden's Personal Purpose Statement: To inspire positive change through mentoring, coaching, and teaching. While creating opportunities for younger generations to come.

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Justin Salcido

Justin Salcido is a Director of Collateral Risk for Farm Credit of New Mexico in Las Cruces, New Mexico. As a General Certified Appraiser, he co-manages the appraisal department and appraises farms and ranches used as collateral for mortgage loans and operating loans. Throughout his career he has found joy in working with multi-generational customers and fulfilling the Farm Credit mission which is to support rural communities and agriculture with reliable and consistent financial services. His Farm Credit career began in 2005 when he was hired as a Chattel Appraiser. He has held different positions in the appraisal and lending departments. Justin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business from New Mexico State University.

Justin's Personal Purpose Statement: My purpose is to bring out the very best in all my staff by sustaining high level of engagement. I do this through strategic thinking, connecting and building bridges between people and helping them believe in the meaning of their work. My three guiding values are courage, integrity, and service.

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Wayne Shockey

Wayne Shockey is the Eddy County Cooperative Extension Service 4-H Youth and Adult Volunteer Development Agent. He has been involved in agricultural education for nearly 10 years now as an FFA advisor or 4-H agent. As an extension agent, it is vital to serve the members of Eddy County 4-H as well as 4-H members throughout the state in order to “Make the Best Better.” Wayne is currently the New Mexico 4-H Agents Association President and serves on a variety of committees including the Directors Advisory Board, the New Mexico State 4-H Shooting Sports Committee and the Adult Volunteer Committee just to name a few. Outside of work, Wayne enjoys spending time with his daughter and her 4-H livestock projects as well as being outdoors hunting and fishing. Wayne holds a Bachelors and Maters Degree in Agricultural and Extension Education from New Mexico State University.

Wayne's Personal Purpose Statement: I seek to build future generations of leaders by setting positive examples and encouragement to give back to the community and allow the freedom to explore opportunities at the local, county and state levels. I will remain open-minded and courteous to other’s beliefs and opinions.

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Brandon S

Brandon Sandoval is the Irrigation Manager for the Navajo Agricultural Products Industry (NAPI) in Farmington, New Mexico. Brandon oversees the center pivot operations for the farm which includes managing workforce of center pivot activity monitoring and maintenance and repairs to the irrigation system. There are 693 center pivots on the NAPI farm that provides irrigation to a variety of crops. One of most compelling part about his job is being able to incorporate and use technology to help improve irrigation efficiency such as variable rate irrigation and soil moisture monitoring systems.

Ashley Thompson

Ashley Thompson works as the Customer Support Specialist for Ag New Mexico Farm Credit in Albuquerque. It is her job to assist customers with initial lending questions, credit life insurance requests, and manages customers Ag Banking Online accounts. Ashley also manages the marketing for Ag New Mexico’s Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, as well as conferences that take place around the state. Ashley is a native of Edgewood, NM where she grew up raising and showing livestock in the 4-H & FFA programs. “It is a passion of mine to give back to a community that has always been there for me” says Ashley, you can find her serving as a board member on the New Mexico Junior Livestock Foundation because of that very statement. Ashley received her Bachelor’s degree in Animal and Dairy Science from Eastern New Mexico University.

Ashley's Personal Purpose Statement: Three values that guide my professional life are passion, service, and integrity. When helping a customer (farmers, ranchers, & dairymen) I must be efficient with my responses, efficiency happens when you are knowledgeable and passionate about the subject. I have the unique opportunity to connect with individuals in the Ag industry on numerous levels I get to market, teach, and most importantly learn from my customers.

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