NMAC Scholarship for Detention Personnel

New Mexico Association of Counties

County College/New Mexico EDGE Scholarship Program

The New Mexico Association of Counties (NMAC) is pleased to offer scholarships to qualified county detention employees interested in pursuing certification as a Jail Specialist or Jail Professional through the County College/New Mexico EDGE program. The scholarship covers the cost of tuition for classes leading to either of the two detention certifications.

Jail Specialist and Jail Professional Certifications

The Jail Specialist program offers introductory classes covering a range of detention facility operational issues, including basic investigations, use of force, crisis intervention, safety, and report writing. The curriculum consists of 17 required classes and 3 electives, which are offered during NMAC's January and June conferences and regionally in March and September, as needed.

The Jail Professional program builds upon the Jail Specialist curriculum, offering classes that focus on senior management and supervisor roles. Sample classes include budgeting, developing operational policies, performance and quality assurance, discipline and termination, and leadership. The curriculum consists of 16 required classes and 4 electives, which are offered during NMAC's January and June conferences and in Albuquerque in March and September.

Application Procedure

Applicants need to submit a letter describing why he or she is pursuing certification and how it will benefit their county. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Past scholarship recipients interested in pursuing an additional certification in detention need to reapply for a scholarship, as described above. Applications can be emailed to Caryl Rodriguez, Loss Prevention Coordinator, at crodriguez@nmcounties.org. If by mail, please address a letter to:

New Mexico Association of Counties

444 Galisteo St.

Santa Fe, NM 87501

ATTN: Risk Management Director Taylor Horst

Loss Prevention Attorney: Grace Philips

Additional Information

Please contact NMAC's Loss Prevention Department with any questions about the program.