Beef fabrication
Breaking down a complete beef carcass into industry standard cuts.

Day I: All Things Beef

The camp will begin from the end product. Participants will start off by breaking down a complete beef carcass into industry standard cuts. This meat will be used on the menu for the duration of the camp.

Next will be nutrition, genetics, and reproduction and how they all go hand in hand when developing the end product. Participants are given a hands on opportunity to learn from the inside out of the animal. From how reproductive anatomy ties into breeding management, to how the rumen is related to nutritional health, and the key roles they play in growing a beef animal.

Consumers today want to know where and how their food is made. When it comes to animals, they want to know the animals were raised in a responsible and humane environment. A large portion of ranch management is animal care and welfare. Participants will learn proper handling techniques that lower stress and improve animal health. They will also become certified under the Beef Quality Assurance program guidelines.

Resource management is the other key component covered within the beef production portion. Proper resource management ensures sustainability and ultimately animal nutrition and health. Estimating forage production and stocking rates allows ranchers to improve the resources given to them. Monday concludes with an evening discussion and work on team Ranch Management Plans.

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