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College of Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences

Agricultural and Extension Education (AXED)

Agricultural and Extension Education offers a Masters of Arts in Agricultural and Extension Education. Flexibility in each program allows students to pursue professional interests and to develop specialized competencies in agricultural and extension education, technology education, international extension and development, community development, and adult non-formal education. The department delivers courses in evening, weekend, and distance formats to accommodate student needs. A 9 credit minor is available to students completing major work in other departments.

Graduate Program Coordinator: Dr. Brenda Seevers, (575) 646-4511

Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business (AEAB)

Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business offers a Masters of Science in Agricultural Economics (MSAE), a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with specialization in Agribusiness (MBAAB), a Master of Agriculture with specialization in Agribusiness (MAAB), and a Doctorate in Economic Development (DED). The MSAE is designed to train students in the application of economic theory and research methods to analyze agricultural and natural resource management issues. The MBAAB is a fully accredited MBA program, offered jointly with the College of Business, designed to train students for administrative / management careers with the food and agribusiness industry. The MAAB is mainly designed for students whose undergraduate degree is not in Agricultural Economics / Agribusiness but want to exposure to Agribusiness concepts and analysis tools as well as the opportunity to take graduate-level courses in other food and agricultural science fields. The DED program, offered jointly with the Department of Economics and International Business, is aimed at training professionals in this field with state-of-the-art concepts, information and tools that allow them to analyze and propose solutions to real-life economic development problems.

Graduate Program Coordinator: Dr. Allen Torell, (575) 646-4732

Animal and Range Sciences (ANRS)

Animal and Range Sciences offers Masters of Science degrees in Agriculture in the areas Animal Science (reproductive physiology, ruminant nutrition, animal breeding, nutritional microbiology, nutritional toxicology) and Rangeland Resources (range ecology, plant taxonomy, range improvements, rangeland restoration, brush and weed control, ecophysiology and watershed management). The department offers work leading to a Ph.D. in Ruminant Nutrition, Reproductive Physiology and Rangeland Resources. Research facilities include modern research labs and a livestock farm housing beef cattle, sheep, hogs and horses. Off campus facilities include the Chihuahuan Desert Rangeland Research Center and the Corona Range and Livestock Research Center, which focus on beef cattle management, range management and ecology and range sheep production.

Graduate Program Coordinator: Dr. Clint Loest, (575) 646-1714

Entomology, Plant Pathology, and Weed Science (EPPWS)

Entomology, Plant Pathology and Weed Science offers a Masters of Science degree in Agricultural Biology. Students prepare for careers in research, extension, teaching, private consulting, industry, and government or to continue in a broad range of Ph.D. programs. Typically, students specialize in one of these discipline areas or take advantage of the opportunity for integrated studies within the department. A minor is available to students completing major work in other departments.

Graduate Program Coordinator: Dr. Jill Schroeder, (575) 646-2328

Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS)

Family and Consumer Sciences offers Masters of Science degrees in four areas of study including Clothing, Textiles and Fashion Merchandising; Family and Child Science; Human Nutrition and Food Science; and Family and Consumer Science Education. Areas of research in the department include effectiveness of family strengthening programs, work-family life balance, parent-adolescent conflict in cross-cultural samples, prevention of childhood obesity, role of exercise in controlling blood glucose, and characteristics and needs of Family and Consumer Sciences teachers in New Mexico.

Graduate Program Coordinator: Dr. M. Ann Bock, (575) 646-1178

Fishery, Wildlife, and Conservation Ecology (FWCE)

Fishery, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology offers an Masters of Science degree in Fishery and Wildlife and has faculty specializing in terrestrial wildlife ecology and aquatic ecology. In addition, the U.S. Geological Survey Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit, housed within the department, has 2 adjunct wildlife scientists who also teach and direct graduate studies. Research activities include fish and wildlife population ecology and habitat requirements and management, aquatic toxicology and population genetics, with emphasis on arid lands of the American Southwest and northern Mexico.

Graduate Program Coordinator: Dr. James Cain, (575) 646-3382

Plant and Environmental Sciences (PES)

Plant and Environmental Sciences offers Masters of Science degrees in Plant and Environmental Sciences and Horticulture and a Ph.D. degree in Plant and Environmental Sciences. Research activities focus on plant breeding and genetics, molecular biology, natural resource management, reclamation/restoration of disturbed lands, phytoremediation, and sustainable agriculture under both dryland and irrigated systems. The department consists of 24 faculty, including 6 off-campus faculty with exclusive research appointments at agricultural and forestry research centers strategically located throughout New Mexico.

Graduate Program Coordinator: Dr. Ian Ray, (575) 646-3819

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