Autumn Sage

Salvia Greggi

Image of Autumn Sage
Whole Plant
Image of Autumn Sage Flower

Andrea Gonzales, Agro / Hort 100G Spring 2002

Salvia greggii, also known as cherry sage or autumn sage is a small evergreen shrub that thrives in zones 8 - 24. Cherry sage will grow to be about three feet high and three feet wide. Cherry sage can have quite an extensive flowering season if dead flowers are pruned off through out the year. Flower color ranges from deep coral to bright pink which is complemented nicely by deep green foliage. Greggii displays fine dark green leaves that can be kept full and bushy if dead branches are pruned. Because of its size, shape, and beautiful display of color greggii makes a wonderful border plant. Due to a fragrant characteristic of the genus Salvia, greggii is wonderful near patios and entry ways. Cherry sage has a moderate growth rate and does best in an environment with filtered sun. greggii is a drought tolerant plant but does best with moderate water.