Black Locust

Robinia Pseudoacacia

Image of Black Locust
Whole Plant
Image of Black Locust Leaf
Image of Black Locust Bark

The Black Locust is a deciduous tree that is native to the United States. This type of tree would be good for the Las Cruces area because it likes dry, sandy soils. This tree requires lots of sunshine, of which Las Cruces has 340 days year round. The tree requires adequate water during it's first spring, with moderate water required thereafter. The Black Locust is capable of reaching 56 feet high and 36 feet wide, which makes it a good candidate for a shade tree.

The foliage of the Black Locust is a light grey-green, and the stems are covered in thorns. Fragrant white flowers, which hang in clusters, are produced in early summer. In the fall, the leaves have a nice yellow color, and fruit in the form of gray-green pea-pods are produced.

-Jim Formea Agor / Hort 100, Spring 1999