Dwarf Periwinkle

Vinca Minor

Image of Dwarf Periwinkle
Whole Plant
Image of Dwarf Periwinkle leaf
Image of Dwarf Periwinkle flower

Every good gardener knows that his / her garden is not complete without a beautiful evergreen ground cover to cover that ugly sand. This particular variety of periwinkle is one of many cultivars. What gives this particular one an advantage over the others is its dark, beautiful violet to wine colored flowers that bloom in the spring. This along with its dark green leaves with a fine texture is ideal for most gardens; especially since it grows rapidly once established. It reaches a height of 6"-12" and grows well in sandy, well drain soils with a pH of 3.7 to 7.0. Planting can easily be done using cuttings or divisions or transplanting nursery grown plants; prices are relatively reasonable normally about 50 plants for $35. When planting ensure to use a spacing of 8"-12" between plants, leaving enough space for it to spread. Planting should be done in the spring, especially for areas with a bad winter season. Pruning is done normally by thinning out, in order to increase vigor. It requires moderate watering, normally twice per month and performs well in semi-shaded areas. Fertilizing isn't required frequently but a light application of any complete fertilizer can be added; especially for poor quality soils with low organic matter. It is resistant to most diseases but is susceptible to canker and die back; this rarely happens. What makes this a great ground cover is its ability to grow well along with most other ground covers!

-Kim Bautista Agro / Hort 100. Spring 2000