Garden Verbena

Verbena Hybrida

Image of Garden verbena
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Image of Garden verbena flower

Garden Verbena is found in Zones 9 and 10. It is native to the Americas and can be grown in New Mexico. Garden Verbena is a perennial easily grown in full sun and well-drained soils. They thrive in heat and tend to rot n heavy poor drained wet soils. This plant is less than one foot tall and can spread two to three feet. It is easily grown from seeds or it can be propagated from cuttings. The flowers are white, red, blue, pink, purple and mixes. Flower heads are two inches across and have a white or yellow center. It blooms in the summer, but drought periods will cease blooming.This plant needs good air circulation and it is necessary to avoid wetting foliage to prevent mildew.

-Eva Madrid Agro / Hort 100, Spring 2000

Garden Verbena is fairly easy to care for. This plant is basically aground cover and has clusters of small purple flowers. It usually growswild, and can be store bought. And can also be transplanted, if it's carefullypulled from the root. The Garden Verbena doesn't require much water, normaintenance. The Garden Verbena may come in several colors.

-Ericka Aguilar Agro / Hort 100, Spring 2000