Ground Covers

Site Legend

  • E - Plants designated as low or moderate water use on the El Paso County Suggested Plant List are indicated as "E".
  • L - Plants designated as low or moderate water use on the Las Cruces Plant List will be indicated as "L".

Water Requirement:

  • H = High water use. Either large volumes or frequent application of water is needed throughout the life of the plant; weekly or more often during peak summer months.
  • M = Moderate water use. Some supplemental water is needed throughout the life of the plant; at least twice monthly during peak summer months once established.
  • L = Low water use. Able to survive once established without supplemental water; water needed at least once a month for plants to look their best.

Soils Suitability:

  • Suitable for any soil unless specific one listed.


  • Plants with high pollen production are indicated as "P"
Scientific name Common nameWaterHeightSunlightSoil
Anacyclus Depressus - L Mat Daisy L3 to 12"
Baccaris Pilularis - EL Dwarf CoyotebushLto 12"
Cerastium Tomentosum - L Snow In SummerM6 to 8"FullSandy
Chamaemelum Nobilis Chamomile L / M3 to 12"
Clematis Ligusticifolia Western VirginsbowerM18 to 20"
Cotoneaster Dammeri Eichholz, Lowfast, Coral Beauty, CotoneasterM3 to 6"
Cytisus Decumbens Creeping BroomMto 8"
Delosperma Nubigenum - L Ice PlantLto 12"FullSandy
Duchesnea Indica Mock StrawberryMto 8"Partial
Euphorbia Cyparissias Cypress SpurgeMto 12"
Euphorbia Epithymoides Cushion SpurgeM / H12 to 18"
Euphorbia Rigida - L SpurgeLto 24"
Gypsophila Repens Creeping Baby's BreathM4 to 8"Part / Full
Juniperus Horizontalis - L Creeping JuniperM4 to 18"Full
Lantana Montevidensis - L Trailing Lantana Mto 36"Full
Mahonia Repens - L Creeping MahoniaMto 36"Shade / Part
Melampodium Leucanthum - L Blackfoot DaisyL6 to 16"
Oenothera Berlandieri - EL Mexican Evening Primrose
Oenothera Hookeri Hooker Evening PrimroseL / M8 to 24"
Penstemon Caespitosus Mat PenstemonMto 4"Sun / Shade
Potentilla Tabernaemontani Spring CinquefoilM2 to 6"
Santolina Chamaecyparissus Lavender CottonL12 to 36"
Saponaria Ocymoides - L SoapwortM6 to 9"Full
Sedum spp. - L StonecropL / M4 to 24"Full
Sedum Spurium Dragon's Blood SedumL2 to 6"Full
Sempervivum Tectorum - L Hen and Chicks Mto 4"Full
Thymus spp. - L Lemon or Creeping thymeM2 to 12"Full
Verbena Peruviana - L VerbenaLto 4"Full
Veronica Prostrata Harebell VeronicaM3 to 8"