Hardy Iceplant

Delospermum Nubigenum

Image of Hardy Iceplant
Whole Plant
Image of Hardy Iceplant leaf

This groundcover, often referred to as a iceplant, loves it hot, sunny, and dry. Right here in Las Cruces you can find a large amount of Hardy iceplants. They are drought tolerant and need to be in well-drained soil. The iceplant blossoms all summer and in the winter, the leaves darkened to a reddish-purple. It got it's nickname iceplant because it is cool to the touch.

This adaptable groundcover offers months of color. The emerald green, succulent foliage stays under 1" tall and the profuse 1"; yellow, daisy-like flowers appear heavily in the early summer, then periodically during the growing season. It can grow as wide as 18" or more. As it spreads, the iceplant leaves a trail of plant roots, thus giving the thick growing appearance. Once established, the hardy iceplant is easy to propagate from cuttings or divisions. The Hardy iceplant is a good choice for low maintenance, fast growing groundcover.

-Dan Kluesner Agro / Hort 100, Spring 2000