New Mexico Forestiera

Forestiera Neomexicana

Image of New Mexico Forestiera
Whole Plant

EJ Cochrum, Agro / Hort 100G Spring 2002

The New Mexico Forestiera (Forestiera neomexicana) is a spiny branching deciduous shrub that has arrangements of yellow-white flowers appearing before leaves followed by attractive black berrylike fruitscan. It belongs to the Oleaceae family. Common name of this plant is Privet, Mountain Privet, Desert Olive. It is known to grow as far west as California and as far east as Texas. It can grow up to heights of six to ten feet. The width of the plant varies from two to fifteen feet. Its blooming period for this plant occurs in May.

Common uses for New Mexico Forestiera are in shrub borders, native plantings, hedges, xeriscapes and as an accent. They can be pruned into a small tree. This plant is ideal for the environment of New Mexico because it requires little water or shade to survive. It is known to be a low maintenance plant.

Pruning techniques for the New Mexico Forestiera is to cut from hardwood or layering. To start growing this plant indoors, cold treat for thirty to ninety days. If visible germination occurs in cold treatment sow when there are at least ten or more seed showing radicals. To start growing the New Mexico Forestiera outdoors, plant it in the fall in a desired location. Then cover with one-fourth of an inch of soil and water. Germination will be seen the following spring.

New Mexico Foriestiera is a recommended plant for the New Mexico area because of its low maintenance, low water, and high beauty factor of this native plant.