Walkingstick Cholla

Opuntia Imbricata

Image of Walkingstick Cholla
Whole Plant
Image of Walkingstick Cholla flower

The Walkingstick Cholla is an evergreen perennial in the Cactaceae family. It is native to the Southwest and thrives in our arid climate. Walkingstick Chollas grow from 3-5 ft. in height and as wide as they please. They make beautiful accent plants with their showy magenta flowers and yellow fruits. Full sun is required for them to bloom. Walkingstick Chollas have cylindrical branches that detach easily and are covered with vicious barbed spines. They are easy to prune but difficult to handle. Walkingstick Chollas require sandy or gravely well-drained soil and prefer a pH of 6-7.5. Once established they will grow without supplemental watering. Their preferred altitude range is from 2000-7000 ft.

-Elizabeth Sullivan Agro / Hort 100, Spring 2000