New Mexico Feed Food Incident Rapid Response Team

About New Mexico Feed and Food Incident Rapid Response Team

New Mexico’s Rapid Response Team is a multi-agency coordination group responding to feed and food emergency under the Rapid Response Team Food and Drug Administration (FDA) New Mexico is one of 3 volunteer states at the present. There are 21 states participating in this program, beginning in 2008. NMRRT consists of technical experts in food manufacturing, food inspection, environmental health and epidemiology. The New Mexico Rapid Response Team (NMRTT) was established in 2017, and is a volunteer state. There are 22 RRT’s in the United States, 3 of those are volunteer’s states (no FDA funding) The New Mexico RRT was created through a cooperative agreement between The New Mexico Department of Agriculture the New Mexico Environment Department, and the Food and Drug Administration


The mission of the NMRRT is to provide tools and resources to facilitate communications, collaboration, and expedite responses between those agencies responsible for protecting public health during feed or food borne emergencies.

What NMRRT Does

• Coordinate the response to a feed or food borne pathogen outbreak

• Enhances communications between feed and food personnel

• Follows Food and Drug Administration and Federal Emergency Management Agency guidance doctrine

• Adheres to the Food Protection model elements of: Food Safety, Food Defense and Food Security

• Operates within National Incident Management System best practices including the control element, the Incident Command System.


RRT Participating Agencies

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