2014 - New Mexico Sustainable Agriculture Conference

Sustaining Chile Through Brand Recognition-NM Certified Chile
Jeanine Chaves-Eden - NMCC Program Coordinator
Making Grazing Management Decisions
Joel Brown - USDA NRCS / Jornada Experimental Range
Allen Torell - NMSU
Teresa Sedlacek - NMSU
Drought Management Strategies for Western Great Plains Rangelands
Davis Augustine - Rangelands Resources Research Unit
Remembering Soil Conservation Practices Under Limited Water Conditions
Robert Flynn - NMSU
Alternative Crops for Challenging Environments
Sangu Angadi - NMSU
Targeting Grazing with Small Ruminants to Suppress Rangeland Weeds
Andres Cibils - NMSU
Alfalfa Production Back to Basics
Mark Marsales - NMSU
Using Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Rangeland Monitoring
Connie Maxwell - USDA Agricultural Research Service Jornada Experimental Range