Turfgrass Courses

HORT 110: Fall semesters. Athletic Field and Golf Course Management. (1 cr; Instructor: Goss)
Survey of proper management of athletic fields, golf courses and other turfgrass stands. Career opportunities in athletic field and golf course management will be discussed. Course includes field trips to local and regional sports turf facilities.

AGRO/HORT 377: Fall semesters. Introduction to Turfgrass Management. (4 cr; Instructor: Erhard)
Establishment and maintenance of turfgrass with emphasis on seeding methods, soil and water management, mowing, disease, insects and turfgrass varieties. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

HORT 378: Spring semesters. Turfgrass Science. (4 cr; Instructor: Goss)
Introduction to the scientific fundamentals for turfgrass management cultural practices, pest management, rootzone construction and ecology. Prerequisites: HORT 100 and HORT 377.

HORT 479:Fall semesters. Advanced Turfgrass Science. (3 cr; Instructor: Goss)
Extensive review of turfgrass sciences including ecology, physiology, entomology, pathology, weed science, and soil science. Prerequisites: HORT 378 or consent of instructor.