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Livestock and range publications cover topics related to livestock health and management and rangeland management, including beef, sheep, hogs, horses, silage, rangeland management, brush control, poisonous range plants, grazing systems, and economic issues related to livestock production.

Many of the publications are available as PDF files. To use files in PDF format, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free to download from the Adobe web site.

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B-126: Early Weaning Beef Calves

B-210: Calf Birth and Age Determination Table

B-211: Color Patterns of Crossbred Beef

B-212: Reproductive Tract Anatomy and Physiology of the Cow

B-217: Beef Cow Efficiency in the Southwest

B-218: Use of Growth Implants in Suckling Beef Calves

B-219: Bovine Tuberculosis

B-220: Value Added Calf Programs for New Mexico Livestock Producers

B-221: Minimizing Weaning Stress on Calves

B-222: Cattle Vaccination and Immunity

B-223: Calf Vaccination Guidelines

B-224: Cow Herd Vaccination Guidelines

B-225: Preventing Persistent Infections of Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus in Beef Cow Herds

B-226: Increasing the Effectiveness of Modified Live Vaccines

B-227: Castrating Beef Calves: Age and Method

B-228: Pregnancy Loss in Beef Cattle

B-229: lmmunity and Serum Neutralization Titers for Cattle

B-230: Trichomoniasis in Beef Cattle

B-231: Estimating Water Intake for Range Beef Cattle

B-232: Beef Bull Breeding Soundness Examination

B-233: Economic Impact of Trichomoniasis in New Mexico Beef Herds

B-234: Selling Meat Direct to Consumers from the Ranch or Farm

Circular 564 Protein and Energy Supplementation to Beef Cows Grazing New Mexico Rangelands

Circular 571 Beef Cattle Supplement Delivery Systems

Circular 575: Managing and Feeding Beef Cows Using Body Condition Scores

Circular 583 Urea in Range Cattle Supplements

Circular 634 Breed Influence on Feeder Calf Prices

Circular 637 Preconditioning Beef Calves

Circular 648 Using Anti-Suckling Devices to Wean Beef Calves

Brush Control

B-815: Control Perennial Snakeweed

B-817: Juniper Control: Individual Plant Treatments

B-819: Mesquite Control: Aerial Application

B-821: African Rue Control: Ground Applications

B-822: Mesquite Control: Individual Treatments

B-823: Locoweed Control: Aerial Application or Ground

B-824: Snakeweed Control: Aerial Application

Circular 597 Chemical Weed and Brush Control for New Mexico Rangelands


A-416: Corn Plant Density Effects on Silage Quality

Circular 564 Protein and Energy Supplementation to Beef Cows Grazing New Mexico Rangelands

Circular 571 Supplement Delivery Systems

Circular 583 Urea in Range Cattle Supplements

Circular 612 Using Byproduct Feedstuffs in Grazing Nutrition

Circular 641: Hay Quality, Sampling, and Testing

Circular 642: Silage Microbial Inoculants: Use in Hot Weather Conditions


B-112: Guide for Control of External Parasites of Sheep and Goats

B-113: Groundsels and Livestock Poisoning

B-114: Rayless Goldenrod and Livestock Poisoning

B-117: When Should Dairy Cows Be Inseminated?

B-118: Management Considerations in Holstein Heifer Development

B-119: Strategies for Livestock Management in Riparian Areas in New Mexico

B-120: Anthrax and Livestock

B-121: Biosecurity on the Beef and Dairy Operation

B-122: Hairy Foot Warts

B-123: Proper Disposal of Farm Mortalities

B-125: Ration Balancing on the Ranch

B-129: Electromagnetic Fields and Livestock Production

B-212: Reproductive Tract Anatomy and Physiology of the Cow

H-149: Marketing Alternatives for Small- to Medium-sized Family Farms and Ranches

M-112: Water Quality for Livestock and Poultry

M-114: Nitrate in Drinking Water

Circular 635: Taxation and Livestock Production in New Mexico

Circular 670: Designing Solar Water Pumping Systems for Livestock

Circular 671: Designing Solar Water Pumping Systems for Livestock: User Manual

Circular 689: Electronic Logging Devices and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulations:
Impacts on 4-H, FFA, Rodeo, and Other "Not-For-Hire" Hauling Activities


Circular 477 Small Poultry Flock Management


B-804: Control Cholla Cactus

B-806: Brush and Weed Control on New Mexico Ranges

B-807: Nitrate Poisoning of Livestock

B-808: Livestock Poisoning From Prussic Acid

B-809: Controlling Grass Tetany in Livestock

B-810: Sizing Plastic Pipelines for Water on the Range

B-816: Management of Rangelands and Cattle in Drought-Prone Areas of the Southwest

B-818: Using a Supplementation Program as a Grazing Management Tool

B-825: Defining Drought on New Mexico Rangelands

Circular 374: New Mexico Range Plants
(high resolution version - 12.5 MB) (PDF Version)
(low resolution version - 2.4 MB) (PDF Version)

Circular 522 Considerations for Prescribed Burning

Circular 557 A Guide to the Common Locoweeds and Milkvetches of New Mexico

Circular 586: Irrigated Pasture Management in New Mexico

Circular 636: An Annotated Checklist of Poisonous or Injurious Range Plants of New Mexico

Circular 649: Developing a Grazing System for Arid Climates

Circular 663: Manipulating Sandpaper Oak for Livestock and Wildlife Forage

Circular 678: Poisonous Plants of New Mexico Rangelands

  • (low resolution version - 8.2 MB)   (PDF Version) Some pages of the low-resolution version may look fuzzy when viewed or printed.
  • Set up to print two pages per 8.5" X 11" sheet. (8.3 MB) (PDF Version)

Circular 686: Grazing and Biodiversity

Circular 695: Forage Selection and Establishment for Irrigated Pastures and Hay in New Mexico

Circular 696: Perennial Forage Species for Irrigated Pastures and Hay in New Mexico

Circular 697: Annual Forage Species for Irrigated Pastures and Hay in New Mexico


B-127: Sheep and Goat Vaccine and Health Management Schedule

B-128: Common Microbial Diseases in Sheep and Goats

B-409: Wool Grades (formerly 400 B-41)

B-411: Effects of Stress from Predation in Gestating Ewes—A Case Study

Circular 604 Sheep Production and Management

Circular 684 Sheep Breeds Best Suited for Arid Climates

Circular 685 Sheep Nutrition

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