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New Mexico continues to struggle through extreme drought conditions that show no sign of abating. Ranchers, farmers, and even homeowners will increasingly have to make do with less precipitation and available irrigation water for their livestock, crops, and home gardens and landscaping. A lack of water can also cause changes in ecosystems; for example, some poisonous plants and noxious weeds may outcompete grasses and other forages on rangelands, which can be dangerous for cattle. The following publications can help agricultural producers and homeowners cope with drought conditions.

Please note that you may not be able to access full-text articles if you or your university/institution does not subscribe to the journal; in these cases, there may be a fee to access full-text articles. Please refer to each journal's website for more information.

Journal Article Listing

Heerema, R., J. Mexal, and T. Sammis. 2008. Irrigation scheduling of pecan orchards: The water budget approach [Water Task Force Report 8]. Las Cruces: New Mexico State University.

Deb, S.K., M.K. Shukla, P. Sharma, and J.G. Mexal. 2013. Soil water depletion in irrigated mature pecans under contrasting soil textures for arid Southern New Mexico. Irrigation Science, 31(1), 69—85. doi: 10.1007/s00271-011-0293-1

Deb, S.K, M.K. Shukla, and J.G. Mexal. 2012. Estimating midday leaf and stem water potentials of mature pecan trees from soil water content and climatic parameters. HortScience, 47(7), 907—916.

Deb S.K., M. K. Shukla, P. Sharma, and J. Mexal. 2011. Coupled liquid water, water vapor, and heat transport simulations in an unsaturated zone of a sandy loam field. Soil Science, 176(8), 1—12. doi: 10.1097/SS.0b013e318221f132,_Water_Vapor,_and_Heat.1.aspx

Deb, S.K., M.K. Shukla, and J.G. Mexal. 2011. Numerical modeling of water fluxes in the root zone of a mature pecan orchard. Soil Science Society of America Journal, 75(5), 1667—1680. doi: 10.2136/sssaj2011-0086

Kallestad, J.C., J.G. Mexal, T.W. Sammis, and R. Heerema. 2008. Development of a simple irrigation scheduling calendar for Mesilla Valley pecan growers. HortTechnology, 18(4), 714—725.

Andales, A., J. Wang, T.W. Sammis, J.G. Mexal, L.J. Simmons, D.R. Miller, and V.P. Gutschick. 2006. A model of pecan tree growth for the management of pruning and irrigation. Agricultural Water Management, 84, 77—88.

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Saucedo, D., T.W. Sammis, G.A. Picchioni, and J.G. Mexal. 2006. Wastewater application and water use of Larrea tridentata. Agricultural Water Management, 82, 343—353.

Ruiz, A., T.W. Sammis, G.A. Picchioni, J.G. Mexal, and W.A. Mackay. 2006. An irrigation scheduling protocol for treated industrial effluent in the Chihuahuan Desert. Journal American Water Works Association, 98(2), 122—133.

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