NMSU horitculture publications

Horticulture publications cover topics related to general horticulture and plant science, vegetables, fruits, ornamentals, lawn and turfgrass care and maintenance, nuts, landscaping, plant pests and diseases, and greenhouses and other structures.

Many of the publications are available as PDF files. To use files in PDF format, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free to download from the Adobe web site.


H-149: Marketing Alternatives for Small- to Medium-sized Family Farms and Ranches

H-303: Pruning Grapes to the Four-Arm Kniffin System

H-307: Rootstocks for Size-Controlled Apple Trees

H-308: Why Fruit Trees Fail to Bear

H-309: Grape Cultivars for North-Central New Mexico

H-310: Fruits and Nuts for New Mexico Orchards

H-311: Improving Size and Quality of Seedless Grapes

H-318: Commercial Everbearing Red Raspberry Production for New Mexico

H-319: Fertilization Programs for Apple Orchards

H-320: Raspberries for the Home Garden

H-322: Propagation of Grape Vine Cuttings: A Practical Guide

H-324: Home Garden Strawberry Production in New Mexico

H-325: Blackberry Production in New Mexico

H-326: Minor Small Fruit Crops for New Mexico Gardens

H-327: Pruning the Home Orchard

H-329: Grape Powdery Mildew

H-330: Jujube: Chinese Date in New Mexico

H-331: Trellis End Post Assembly Designs for Vineyards

H-332: Managing Grape Leafhoppers on New Mexico Grape Vines

H-333: Training Young Apple Trees to the Central Leader System

H-334: Managing Weeds in Grapes in New Mexico

H-335: Jujube (Ziziphus jujuba) Grafting

H-336: Selecting, Operating, and Maintaining pH Meters and Electrodes for Wineries

H-337: Jujube Training and Pruning Basics

Circular 483: Growing Grapes in New Mexico

Circular 661: Soil Sampling With Respect to Salinity in New Mexico Vineyards

Horticulture - Plant Science

H-110: Backyard Composting

H-112: Seed Propagation of Plants

H-119: Determining Amounts of Fertilizer for Small Areas

H-120: Home and Market Garden Fertilization

H-122: Yard Waste Management

H-156: Tree Pruning Techniques

H-158: How to Collect and Send Plant Specimens for Disease Diagnosis

H-159: A Sustainable Approach to Recycling Urban and Agricultural Organic Waste

H-164: Vermicomposting

H-165: Growing Roses

H-167: What About the Lichen on My Tree?

H-168: Selection and Use of Insecticides for Organic Production

H-169: Using Insectary Plants to Attract and Sustain Beneficial Insects for Biological Pest Control

H-170: Is Aquaponics Right For You?

H-171: Iron Chlorosis

H-172: Backyard Beneficial Insects of New Mexico

H-173: Decoupled Aquaponics: A Comparison to Single-loop Aquaponics

Circular 555: Conservation Farming in New Mexico

Circular 562: Description and Use of Municipal Solid Waste Composts in New Mexico

Circular 573: Drip Irrigation for Row Crops

Circular 606: High Tunnel Hoop House Constructions for New Mexico

Circular 656: An Introduction to Soil Salinity and Sodium Issues in New Mexico

Circular 676: Interpreting Soil Tests: Unlock the Secrets of Your Soil

Circular 680: Important Water Quality Parameters in Aquaponics Systems

Circular 681: Managing Aquatic Weeds

Circular 682: GMO Crops in New Mexico Agriculture

Circular 687: Managing Organic Matter in Farm and Garden Soils


H-707: Landscape Water Conservation: Principle of Xeriscape

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H-504: How to Water Your Lawn

H-505: Mowing Your Lawn

H-507: Lawn Care for Disease Control

H-508: Turfgrasses for New Mexico

H-509: Turfgrass Establishment

H-510: How to Perform a Catch Can Irrigation Audit on a Home Lawn Sprinkler System

H-511: Turfgrasses for Northern New Mexico

Circular 660: Turfgrass Irrigation


H-602: Pecan Orchard Fertilization

H-605: Training Young Pecan Trees

H-607: Designing a Pecan Orchard

H-608: Planting Pecan Trees

H-613: Selecting and Storing Pecan Propagation Wood

H-614: Selecting Soil and Site for a Pecan Orchard

H-616: Juvenile and Adult Phases of Pecan Trees

H-618: Growth and Development of Pecan Nuts

H-620: Storing Pecans

H-622: Flowering Habits of Pecan Trees

H-623: Inlay Grafting Pecans

H-626: Historical Background of Pecan Plantings in the Western Region

H-628: Orchard Floor Preparation for Mechanical Harvesting

H-630: Buyers and Custom Shellers in the Western Pecan Growing Region

H-634: Four-Flap Grafting of Pecans

H-635: Flood Irrigation In Pecan Orchards

H-636: Estimating Water Needs for Pecan Trees

H-637: A Practical Way of Measuring Soil Moisture

H-639: Pecan Varieties for New Mexico

H-640: Irrigation Scheduling of Pecan Orchards: Soil Moisture Monitoring

H-642: Fertigation for Pecan Orchards <

H-644: Leaching Requirements of Pecan and Fruit Trees

H-647: Root Diseases of Pistachio Trees in New Mexico

H-649: Managing Soils in Pecan Orchards

H-650: Influence of Nut Development on Pecan Nut Casebearer Damage in Pecans

H-651: Nitrogen Movement in the Soil-Pecan Tree System

H-653: Biological Control of Pecan Nut Casenearer and Aphids in New Mexico Pecans

H-654: Noncommensurable Values of the Pecan Industry

H-655: Transplanting Mature Pecan Trees in New Mexico

H-656: Integrated Weed Management in Pecan Orchards

H-657: Diseases and Other Disorders of Pecan in New Mexico

H-658: Diagnosing Nutrient Disorders in New Mexico Pecan Trees

Circular 532: Growing Pistachios in New Mexico

Circular 542: Planning and Operating Pecan Orchards With Drip and Microspray Irrigation

Circular 544: Pecan Orchard Management Schedule


H-328: Selecting Ornamental Trees for New Mexico

H-406: Poinsettias: Year after Year

H-410: Site Selection and Preparation for Christmas Trees

H-420: Establishing Fruit and Shade Trees

  • Guía H-420 - Cómo sembrar árboles frutales y de sombra)

  • H-421: Buying a Living Christmas Tree

    H-426: Shade Trees for New Mexico

    H-429: Trees of Young Park: Las Cruces, New Mexico

    Circular 472: 'Bandera' Rocky Mountain Penstemon

    Circular 526: Planting and Handling Conifer Seedlings in New Mexico


    H-166: Juniper Twig Pruner, Styloxus bicolor (Champlain & Knull)

    H-168: Selection and Use of Insecticides for Organic Production

    H-169: Using Insectary Plants to Attract and Sustain Beneficial Insects for Biological Pest Control

    H-174: Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Strategies for Common Insect Pests of Trees in New Mexico

    H-243: Economic Insects of Chile

    H-259: Harlequin Bug

    H-332: Managing Grape Leafhoppers on New Mexico Grape Vines

    H-428: San Jose Scale, (Quadraspidiotus perniciosus) and Its Control

    H-652: Water Management in Pecan Orchards

    Circular 536: Blister Beetles in Alfalfa

    Circular 552: Managing Cottonwood Leaf Beetle [Chrysomela scripta Fabricius]

    Circular 553: Managing Sycamore Scale [Stomacaccus platani Ferris]

    Circular 600: Managing Aceria malherbae gall mites for control of field bindweed

    Circular 655: Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for Home Gardeners

    Circular 683: Pecan Weevil: Wanted DEAD, Not Alive

    Plant Diseases

    H-106: Curly Top Virus

    H-158: How to Collect and Send Plant Specimens for Disease Diagnosis

    H-160: Vascular Wilt of Mimosa

    H-163: Rhizosphaera Needle Cast Disease of Blue Spruce

    H-242: Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus

    H-247: Anthracnose of Cucurbits

    H-248: Powdery Mildew on Chile Peppers

    H-249: Chile Pepper Disorders Caused by Environmental Stress

    H-250: Verticillium Wilt of Chile Peppers

    H-255: Iris Yellow Spot Virus

    H-317: Apple Disease Control

    H-329: Grape Powdery Mildew

    H-657: Diseases and Other Disorders of Pecan in New Mexico

    Circular 538: Onion Diseases in New Mexico

    Circular 549: Chile Pepper Diseases

    Circular 554: Verticillium Wilt of Catalpa, Maple, and Elm


    H-149: Marketing Alternatives for Small- to Medium-sized Family Farms and Ranches

    H-216: When to Harvest Vegetables

    H-220: Starting Plants Early Outdoors

    (Spanish HTML Version)

    H-221: Spices and Herbs for the Home Garden

    H-222: Coping With Deer in Suburban Gardens

    H-223: Home and Market Garden Sweet Corn Production

    H-226: Blue Corn Production and Marketing in New Mexico

    H-227: Asparagus Production in New Mexico

    H-230: Growing Chiles in New Mexico

    H-231: Commercial Pumpkin Production for New Mexico

    H-232: Specialty Corns

    H-234: Garlic Production in New Mexico

    H-235: Postharvest Handling of Fresh Chilies

    H-236: Postharvest Handling of Dehydrated Chiles

    H-237: Measuring Chile Pepper Heat

    H-240: Growing Chile Peppers in New Mexico Gardens

    H-245: Commercial Vegetable Production with Plastic Mulches

    H-246: Starting a Community Vegetable Garden
    Spanish HTML Version)

    H-251: Row Cover Vegetable Production Techniques

    H-252: Hoop House Vegetable Production

    H-256: 'NuMex' Sweet Onions

    H-257: Red chile and paprika production in New Mexico

    H-258: Field Production of Organic Chile

    Circular 457: Home Vegetable Gardening in New Mexico

    Circular 457-B: Growing Zones, Recommended Crop Varieties, and Planting and Harvesting Information for Home Vegetable Gardens in New Mexico

    Circular 548: Weed Management in Chile

    Circular 556: Greenhouse Vegetable Production

    Circular 563: Bulb Onion Culture and Management

    Circular 567: New Mexico Onion Varieties

    Circular 577: Onion Production and Marketing in New Mexico

    Circular 579: Nitrogen Monitoring Techniques for Vegetable Crops

    Circular 679: The Landrace Chile of Northern New Mexico

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