NMSU water publications

Water publications cover topics related to water quality and storage, water regulations, irrigation, soil moisture monitoring, and plant water needs.

Many of the publications are available as PDF files. To use files in PDF format, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free to download from the Adobe web site.


W-102: Irrigation Water Analysis and Interpretation

Water Quality

W-101: Sanitizing Stored Water Supplies <

A-102: Measuring Irrigation Water With a Flow Meter

W-103: Managing Filamentous Algae in Ponds

W-104: Understanding Water Quality Parameters to Better Manage Your Pond

W-105: Understanding and Preventing Fish Kills in Your Pond

W-106: Cyanobacteria (Blue-green Algae) in Our Waters:
Agricultural best management practices (BMPs) to increase resilience to algal blooms

W-107: PLAYA LAKES: Understanding Their Importance and How to Protect Them and Improve Their Function

M-112: Water Quality for Livestock and Poultry

M-114: Nitrate in Drinking Water

M-115: Disinfecting a Domestic Well with Shock Chlorination

M-116: Treating and Storing Water for Emergency Use

M-118: Monitoring Your Well Water

See the complete listing of the (M) Agricultural Mechanics and Engineering How-To Publications

Circular 647: Toxic Golden Algae (Prymnesium parvum)

Circular 667: Onsite Wastewater Management: A Manual for Tribes

Circular 677: Stream Biomonitoring Using Benthic Macroinvertebrates

Circular 681: Managing Aquatic Weeds

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