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Agronomy publications cover topics related to agronomy, including soil quality and analysis, seed selection, irrigation, fertilization, pesticide application, common diseases and pests, forage and grain crops, and other agronomic crops, such as onions, peanuts, and alfalfa.

Many of the publications are available as PDF files. To use files in PDF format, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free to download from the Adobe web site.

Forage Crops

BL 795: Broadleaf Weed Control in Spring-Seeded Alfalfa, 1999-2003
Richard N. Arnold. Daniel Smeal, Michael O'Neill and Margaret West

BL-796: Perennial Cool-Season Forage Legume Performance in Diverse Soil Moisture Treatments, Southern High Plains, USA
L. M. Lauriault, R.E. Kirksey, and D.M. VanLeeuwen1

BL 799: Harvest Timing and Byproduct Addition Effects on Corn and Forage Sorghum Silage Grown Under Water Stress
Mark A. Marsalis, Sangu Angadi, Francisco E. Contreras-Govea, Rex E. Kirksey

BL 802: A Comparison of Pigeonpea and Cowpea Forage Yield and Nutritive Value in the Southern High Plains of the USA
Leonard M. Lauriault, Sangu V. Angadi, Mark A. Marsalis, Dawn M. VanLeeuwen

BL-810: Forage Nutritive Value of Selected Tepary Bean Varieties in the Southwest Desert Basin and Southern High Plains Regions of New Mexico
L. M. Lauriault, Richard Pratt, and Lois Grant

RR 741: The 1999 New Mexico Alfalfa Variety Test Report
L.M. Lauriault, I.A. Ray, R.D. Baker, C.E. Barnes, L.M. English, C. Owen.

RR 755: Observations on Potential Glyphosate Tolerance in Perennial Warm-season Grasses
L. M. Lauriault, R. E. Kirksey

RR-766: Furrow-Irrigated Alfalfa Dry Matter Yield is Not Affected by Different Seeding Rates in the Southern High Plains, USA
Francisco E. Contreras-Govea, Leonard Lauriault, Mark Marsalis

RR-772: Observations on How Cowpea Aphid (Aphis craccivora) Affects Alfalfa of Differing Fall Dormancy Categories and Some Possible Vesistant Varieties
Leonard M. Lauriault, Dawn M. VanLeeuwen, and Rex E. Kirksey

RR 787: Alfalfa Evapotranspiration in Albuquerque's South Valley
Aquiles Saz, A. Salim Bawazir, Zohrab Samani, and Rhonda Skaggs

TR 30: New Mexico Corn and Sorghum Performance Tests, 1995
B. Rouppet, E.J. Gregory, R.N. Arnold, C. Barnes,C. McGarrah, R.F. Hooks

TR 36: New Mexico Corn and Sorghum Performance Tests 1998
R.D. Baker, E.J. Gregory, R.N. Arnold, L.M. English, C. Barnes, E. Hanson, L.M. Lauriault
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General Agronomy

BL 782: A Survey of Southern New Mexico Chile Producers: Production Practices and Problems
R. Skaggs, M. Decker, D. VanLeeuwen

BL 783: Effectiveness of F-68 Soil Conditioner
William C. Lindemann, Gary Parker, Tana Sewell

BL 808: Yield of Diverse Ultra-short to Early Season Crops Under Limited Irrigation in the Southern Great Plains of the USA
Sultan H. Begna, Sangu V. Angadi, Mark A. Marsalis, and Leonard M. Lauriault

RR 757: Planting date and furrow-irrigation effects on cowpea for edible beans, Southern High Plains, USA
L. M. Lauriault, R. E. Kirksey

RR 758: Cultivation of Anemopsis californica under small-scale grower conditions in northern New Mexico
Charles A. Martin and Robert Steiner

RR-760: OASIS: A Campus-Based, Organic, Community Supported Agriculture Farm
Constance L. Falk, Pauline Pao, Christopher S. Cramer, and Erin Silva

RR 774: A Screening for Biofuel Feedstock Quality of Perennial Warm-Season Grasses in Semiarid Subtropical Environments -
L.M. Lauriault, M.A. Marsalis, S.V. Angadi, F.E. Contreras-Govea, D.R. Dreesen, and D.M. VanLeeuwen

RR 793: Opportunities to Produce Canola in Northern New Mexico
Michael K. O’Neill, Jay Lillywhite, Gerald Hawkes, Mario Trillanes, and Koffi Djaman

Grain Crops

BL-787: Spring Oats in the Four Corners Region, 1989-1998 - M.K. O'Neill, C.K. Owen, R.N. Arnold and D. Smeal

Weed Control

BL 795: Weed Control in Spring-Seeded Alfalfa, 1999-2003

Richard N. Arnold. Daniel Smeal, Michael O'Neill and Margaret West

BL 804: Broadleaf Weed Control in Dry Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) with Preemergence Applications of Valor Alone or in Combination From 2004 to 2008 -
Richard N. Arnold, Daniel Smeal, Kevin A. Lombard, Michael K. O'Neill, Samuel C. Allen, Margaret West, Roselyn Yazzie

RR 709: Weed Control in Field Corn with Postemergence Herbicides
R.N. Arnold, M.W. Murray, E.J. Gregory, D. Smeal

RR 710: Weed Control in Pinto Beans with Imazethapyr Alone or in Combination with Other Herbicides
R.N. Arnold, M.W. Murray, E.J. Gregory, D. Smeal

RR 791: Late-season Weed Management in Conventional Canola Using Sethoxydim and Clopyralid
Christopher A. Landau, Brian J. Schutte, Abdel O. Mesbah, and Sangamesh V. Angadi

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