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Livestock and range publications cover topics related to livestock health and management and rangeland management, including beef, sheep, hogs, horses, silage, rangeland management, brush control, poisonous range plants, grazing systems, and economic issues related to livestock production.

Many of the publications are available as PDF files. To use files in PDF format, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free to download from the Adobe web site.


RR 754: Evaluation of Performance Trends in the Tucumcari Bull Test 1961 to 2000
M.D. Garcia, M.G. Thomas, W.R. Parker, V.R. Beauchemin, and R.M. Enns


RR 765: Economic Impacts of Racehorse Ownership, Breeding, and Training on New Mexico's Economy
Jay M. Lillywhite and Mark Wise


BL-792: Livestock Identification in New Mexico: Current Status and Implications for National Animal Identification

BL-797: NM-Manure: A Seasonal Prediction Model for Manure Excretion by Dairy Cattle in New Mexico
V. E. Cabrera, C. P. Mathis, R. E. Kirksey, T. T. Baker


BL 776: Post-Drought Vegetation Dynamics on Arid Rangelands of Southern New Mexico
Carlton H. Herbel, Robert P. Gibbens

BL-793: Seasonal and Yearlong Grazing in the Northern Chihuahuan Desert: Impacts on Forage and Cow-Calf Production
Reldon Beck, Robert McNeely, Milton Thomas, and Calvin Bailey

BL-796: Perennial Cool-Season Forage Legume Performance in Diverse Soil Moisture Treatments, Southern High Plains, USA L. M. Lauriault, R.E. Kirksey, and D.M. VanLeeuwen1

BL-800: Single and Repeated Burning Effects on New Mexico Blue Gram Range
Kirk C. McDaniel, Christian A. Ebel, L. Allen Torell, and Dawn M. VanLeeuwen

BL-802: A Comparison of Pigeonpea and Cowpea Forage Yield and Nutritive Value in the Southern High Plains of the USA
Leonard M. Lauriault, Sangu V. Angadi, Mark A. Marsalis, Dawn M. VanLeeuwen

RR 703: Animal and Forage Production on Selected Cool- and Warm-Season Grasses and Rangeland
P.B. Kloppenburg, H.E. Kiesling, R.E. Kirksey, G. B. Donart

RR 715: Atlas of New Mexico Astragalus and Oxytropis - Eric H. Roalson, Kelly W. Allred

RR 721: A Preliminary Checklist of Plant Species for the Southern Foothills of the Sacramento Mountains, Otero County, New Mexico
Joneen S. Cockman and Rex D. Pieper

RR 730: Locoweed Research Updates and Highlights
Tracy M. Sterling and David C. Thompson

RR 733: Use of Plants in Seasonal Grazing Trials on Chihuahuan Desert Rangeland
M. Nsinamwa, R.F. Beck, R.P. McNeely

RR 745: A Field Guide to the Flora of New Mexico State University's Corona Range and Livestock Research Center - Adam C. Forbes and Kelly W. Allred

RR 759: Perspectives on Rangeland Management: Stocking Rates, Seasonal Forecasts, and the Value of Weather Information to New Mexico Ranchers
Brian H. Hurd, L. Allen Torell, Kirk C. McDaniel

RR 771: Using Coal Bed Methane Produced Water from Well Sites for Native and Non-Native Grass Stand Establishment
Richard Arnold

RR 774: A Screening for Biofuel Feedstock Quality of Perennial Warm-Season Grasses in Semiarid Subtropical Environments
L.M. Lauriault, M.A. Marsalis, S.V. Angadi, F.E. Contreras-Govea, D.R. Dreesen, and D.M. VanLeeuwen

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