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Horticulture publications cover topics related to general horticulture and plant science, vegetables, fruits, ornamentals, lawn and turfgrass care and maintenance, nuts, landscaping, plant pests and diseases, and greenhouses and other structures.

Weather and climate research publications cover topics related to long-term climatological data, soil changes over time, climate change, and climate effects on landscapes.

Many of the publications are available as PDF files. To use files in PDF format, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free to download from the Adobe web site.

Weather and Climate

BL 773: Correlation of Climatic Factors and Occurrence of Puccinia grindeliae on Herbarium Specimens of Gutierrezia spp. Collected in Southwestern State Since 1891
C.M. Liddell, C.A. Waddell, E.K. Haskins, J.P. McEntee

BL-798: The Desert Project An Analysis of Aridland Soil-Geomorphic Processes
H. Curtis Monger, Leland H. Gile, John W. Hawley, Robert B. Grossman

BL 801: Estimated Impacts of Climate Change Legislation on New Mexico Agriculture - B. Hurd, C. Goemans, G. Frisvold, J. Stone

BL 806: Forty-Three Years (1969—2011) of Climatological Data: NMSU's Agricultural Science Center at Farmington, NM
(PDF Version)

BL 809: Forty-eight Years (1969—2016) of Climatological Data: NMSU Agricultural Science Center at Farmington, New Mexico

RR 751: Weather Observations at the Agricultural Science Center at Tucumcari, 1905-2002 - Rex E. Kirksey, Leonard M. Lauriault, Patricia L. Cooksey
(PDF Version)

RR 749: Climate Guide Las Cruces, 1892-2000 - Norman R. Malm
(PDF Version)

RR 744: Thirty Years of Climatological Data: 1969-1998 - Dan Smeal, C.K. Owen, R.N. Arnold, J.F. Tomko, and E.J. Gregory
(PDF Version)

RR 756: Thirty-five Years of Climatological Data: 1969-2003
Dan Smeal, M.K. O'Neill, C.K. Owen, Z.F. Williams, M.M. West, and R.N. Arnold

RR 761: Eighteen Years (1990-2007) of Climatological Data on NMSU's Corona Range and Livestock Research Center
L. Allen Torell, Kirk C. McDaniel, Shad Cox, Suman Majumdar

RR 767: A Note on the Measurement of Dust Emissions from Moving Sources in Agricultural Field Operations
Junming Wang, April L. Hiscox, David R. Miller, Ted W. Sammis, Wenli Yang, and Britt A. Holmen

TR 45: Climate Change and Its Implications for New Mexico's Water Resources and Economic Opportunities

TR 46: Procedures for Updating Weather Databases and the Weather Data Website on the NMSU Corona Range and Livestock Research Center
L. Allen Torell, Kirk C. McDaniel, Shad Cox, Suman Majumdar

Special Report 100: Snowmelt Runoff Model (SRM) User's Manual -
Jaroslav Martinec, Albert Rango & Ralph Roberts (Edited by Enrique Gomez-Landesa & Max P. Bleiweiss)
(PDF Version)

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