Grass field guide cover.

A Field Guide to the Grasses of New Mexico

Author: Dr. Kelly Allred

A useful resource to wildflower and nature enthusiasts, students, ecologists, range managers, ranchers and farmers, and environmental scientists. This comprehensive guide describes over 460 different kinds of grasses growing in New Mexico, with nearly half of the species illustrated.

  • Introductory material explains the structure and terminology of the grass plants and summarizes the scientific classifications of New Mexico Grasses.
  • Keys allow the correct identification of grass plants growing in the state, giving the correct scientific and common names in Spanish), notes on habitat and uses, and county-level range maps.
  • Appendices provide information on important grass weeds, poisonous or harmful grasses, grasses for pasture and range improvement, life history characteristics of important range and wildlife grasses, and vegetable identification.

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