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Why T-ABCs for Rural New Mexico? Typical rural

New Mexicans drive 50 miles over narrow, country roads just to reach an interstate on-ramp. So it makes sense for those in rural areas to turn onto the Internet-today's electronic highway-to take them where they need to go. It's fast, efficient, convenient. It's today's super highway into rural and minority communities, giving them access to new knowledge, enhanced lifestyles, better business practices, and greater prosperity. Many rural decision makers and citizens are asking, "How do we get there from here?" Teleliteracy Assistance for Businesses and Communities (T-ABCs) will help build this vitally needed electronic on-ramp for rural New Mexico.

The T-ABCs curricula is being developed by faculty from NMSU's College of Business, Cooperative Extension Service, and College of Arts and Sciences. Extension's video and Internet production unit is developing multiple tools for the programs, including an interactive World Wide Web site, a CD-ROM, videos, DVD, print materials and workbooks. Currently six pilot sites in New Mexico are funded to review this program in 2001. Online education and Train the Trainer outreach to other communities will be possible with additional funding.