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Executive Summary | Summary of Business Evaluation | Summary of Trainer/Trainee Evaluation


The Internet: Your Business Partner
Energize Your Business With the Internet

Small businesses in rural areas face many challenges including population migration, changes in market forces, and the digital divide. In order for rural small businesses to compete, they must expand their target market. The goal of this pilot program is to help small businesses in rural areas survive and thrive. In April 2004, Extension e-Commerce professionals and local business owners from eight states and Canada came together in the Four Corners region to provide e-Commerce education to a selected group of businesses and Extension faculty.

Overall Evaluations

Throughout the workshop participants were asked to evaluate each session, on a scale from 1-5 (1=low, 5=high), based on the quality of the presentation, the usefulness of the information and the knowledge gained. Overall, Businesses ranked the quality of the presentation highest with an average score of 4.74. Usefulness of the information was ranked 4.66 and the knowledge gained was ranked 4.64. Of the evaluations received from the businesses, most marked that their knowledge had greatly increased as a result of the workshop.

The trainers and trainees also rated the quality of the presentations highest with an overall average ranking of 4.83. Usefulness of the information and the knowledge gained were both ranked 4.75.

Business Comments

  • Very good session. Speakers very good - very knowledgeable.
  • Great! Success by real people!
  • Very valuable information in examples of successful and not so successful sites.
  • Excellent!

Trainer/Trainee Comments

  • Please make the powerpoint presentation available to participants.
  • I still have a lot to learn about this. Need another session, smaller group training.
  • Very useful and will definitely utilize.
  • Very useful information.
  • I need to practice this a lot, but I enjoyed the session very much.
  • Learned valuable information.

Executive Summary | Summary of Business Evaluation | Summary of Trainer/Trainee Evaluation

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