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Main T-ABCs contact
Octavio Ramirez, (505) 646-3215,

T-ABCs Team

Overall Program and Community Coordination:
NMSU Cooperative Extension Service
Octavio Ramirez, (505) 646-3215,

Media Training Tools and Website:
NMSU College of Agriculture & Home Economics
Jeanne Gleason, (505) 646-5658,

Other NMSU Core Team Members
Richard Oliver, (505) 646-2944,
Pookie Sautter, (505) 646-6027,
Bob Czerniak, (505) 646-2815,

T-ABCs is made possible with support from:

Other partners include Albuquerque TVI, the NM Small Business Development Centers, New Mexico Technet. Inc., the NM Association of Community Colleges, ENMR - Plateau Telecommunications, Inc., the NM Internet Professionals Association, San Juan College and the San Juan Economic Development Service, and the NM Rural Development Response Council. Other funding or content partners are welcome.