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The program features four modules:

Module 1:
E-asy Does It!
Welcome to the Electronic Age - view on-line
This brief program highlights the many ways that rural New Mexicans can benefit by traveling the Information Highway. Designed for general audiences, this educational package includes a short video in which New Mexicans from Gallup to Jal tell about their Internet ventures and how this amazing technology is enriching their lives.
(Program length - 20 min. to 1 hr.)
One video & One book
Retail: $25
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Module 2:
Embracing the e-Revolution: A Call for Rural Internet Activists - view on-line

This short program will convince rural leaders that they must act together and act immediately to bring the benefits of the "e-revolution" to their businesses and communities. The centerpiece of this educationa package is a video that highlights several New Mexico rural businesses and small governments that embraced the e-revolution, some of the battles they waged and won, and why it is so important to be involved.
(Program length - 1 hr.)
One video & One book
Retail: $25
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Module 3:
The ABCs of e-Business

In this 8-lesson workshop series, business owners and entrepreneurs will learn how the Internet and related technologies can add speed, efficiency, and profitability to every step of the traditional business process - from product and market research through sales and customer support. A variety of New Mexico businesses are featured.

  • A small Farmington company that develops and markets innovative products for professional painters
  • A group of Four-Corner Native American artists
  • A Lovington farmer and small equipment dealer
  • A Magdalena Bed & Breakfast owner
  • A Gallup doctor
  • A Director of a state-wide rural non-profit organization
This package includes PowerPoint presentations with video "success stories" that feature New Mexico businesses. It also includes participant workbooks for each lesson and a trainer's guide that gives instructions for enriching the lessons with visits to relevant Web sites. Lessons cover:
  1. Opportunities for New Mexico
  2. Using the Internet to Learn About Your Markets
  3. E-Communication and Product Creation
  4. Informing the World Via the Web
  5. Selling in Cyberspace
  6. Delivering the Goods
  7. Electronic Payment
  8. After-Sales Support
(Program length: 8 - 9 hrs. Recommended format: 2 half-day sessions.)
One CD, One video & One book
Retail: $125
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Module 4:
The ABCs of e-Government

This 5-lesson workshop series will show community leaders the many ways that electronic telecommunications technologies can increase interactions between local governments and citizens, make local government more efficient and effective, and improve the climate for community economic development. This educational package highlights the efforts of innovative leaders in several rural New Mexico communities.

leaders in several rural New Mexico communities and includes video interviews with

  • Tony Atkinson, San Juan County Manager
  • Ellen Bristow, Information Services Director for San Juan County
  • Steve Neville, San Juan County Commissioner, District 3
  • Carol Bandy, San Juan County Clerk
  • John Peña, Mayor, Gallup
  • John W. Dowling, President of Western Bank in Gallup & Chairman of McKinley Economic Development Foundation
  • Harry Kroyer, President of the Magdalena Community Development Corporation
and others that illustrate the importance of telecommunications technology for rural New Mexico communities. Government leaders will learn how they may take a pro-active role in encouraging telecommunications use, including assessing infrastructure needs and fostering the development of infrastructure. Included in this educational package are PowerPoint presentations, participant workbooks for each lesson, a supplemental video, and a trainer's guide. E-Government lessons include:
  1. Overview of E-Government
  2. Government Leadership and E-Government
  3. Planning for E-Government
  4. Telecommunications Infrastructure
  5. Creating a Government Web Site
  6. Evaluating the Effectiveness of E-Government and
  7. GIS Applications
(Program length: 7-8 hr. Recommended format: 2 half-day sessions.)
One CD, One video & One book
Retail: $125
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TABCs Program: Complete package (Module 1-4) $250 (a $300 value)

Out-of-state Extension Offices receive a 10% discount on purchases over $1,000

In-State receive a 20% discount on orders over $1,000

DVD of Module 1 and 2 videos $50

To Order:
Call 1-888-750-4656 or email:
For more information, see

A product of NMSU's CES Economic Development and Leading Object Media Units

Extension's Rural Economic Development Program has won numerous awards, including the Arthur D. Little Award for Overall Excellence in Economic Development. Extension's media and Internet production unit has produced an award winning PBS documentary, The Seamless Society, on the impact of the Internet on the American workplace. The studio has developed multiple-media educational programs for the Smithsonian Institution, National Food Stamp programs, National 4-H Council, US WEST, Welfare-to-Work Program, and FAS- and NSF-funded programs.

T-ABCs is made possible with support from:

Other partners include Albuquerque TVI, the NM Small Business Development Centers, New Mexico Technet. Inc., the NM Association of Community Colleges, ENMR - Plateau Telecommunications, Inc., the NM Internet Professionals Association, San Juan College and the San Juan Economic Development Service, and the NM Rural Development Response Council. Other funding or content partners are welcome.

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