The Center for Animal Health & Food Safety Chemical Analysis and Instrumentation Laboratory

The Chemical Analysis and Instrumentation Laboratory embodies the research program of Dr. Tanner Schaub. Over the past decade, Dr. Schaub has developed this laboratory to enable collaborative research at NMSU. The laboratory is fully staffed and maintains high-end analytical instrumentation involving research collaborations within NMSU, the State of New Mexico and other educational or industrial partners. We provide a locus of scientific excellence for the NMSU research community and the State of New Mexico.

Working with CAIL: The sustainability of this laboratory derives its strength through collaboration. Collaborative research projects fund CAIL staff, instrument upkeep/improvement and supplies usage. CAIL staff members interface with collaborating researchers and provide all analyses, to ensure high data quality and minimum instrument down-time. Dr. Schaub evaluates potential collaborations and prioritizes lab activity to maximize funding potential and the impact of laboratory resources, while maintaining laboratory sustainability. The CAIL laboratory is not a core facility and does not engage in fee-for-service instrument usage.

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