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Help Support the Museum

The NMSU Wildlife Museum needs your help and your gift can make a big difference. We are excited about the re-opening of the Wildlife Museum and eager to develop the museum to better serve NMSU students and faculty, the local community, and southern New Mexico. Your donations help to support the mission of the museum. With your help we can enhance the collections so that students have the opportunity to better experience and learn about the diversity of wildlife in the Southwest. We can better care for specimens so that their inherent teaching and research value is preserved. We can develop the research capabilities of the museum so that it contributes in a tangible way to our understanding of wildlife in the Southwest. We can develop public education programs that serve our community. We can provide more comprehensive outreach and advise about wildlife issues in the Southwest. We can provide more students with hands-on experiences. Your gift will be appreciated!

Specific Needs for the NMSU Wildlife Museum

Financial Donations

  • Support the acquisition of new specimens to be used in teaching and outreach

  • Support the general maintenance of the collection

  • Support development of outreach educational material

  • Support travel to deliver outreach programs throughout southern New Mexico

  • Support undergraduate student museum technicians (approximately $3,000 per employee per semester; $6,000 per academic year)

  • Support a graduate student (approximately $45,000 per graduate student per two year program)

Tangible Goods

  • Taxidermy specimens. The museum would like to develop small displays of taxidermy specimens. We will consider donations of certain taxidermy specimens that meet our educational needs and space requirements.

  • Computers

  • Display cases

  • Storage shed (for development of a dermestid beetle colony to clean bones)

How to Give a Gift

Credit Card:

To make an online gift, visit NMSU Foundation Online Giving.

Please indicate to apply your gift to the NMSU Wildlife Museum (101398-112)


To make a gift by check, Please fill out the Foundation Gift Form which you can download from Wildlife Museum Giving Form.

Please indicate to apply your gift to the NMSU Wildlife Museum(101398-112)

Checks: Make payable to "NMSU Foundation" and reference "NMSU Wildlife Museum"

Payroll Deduction:

If you are an NMSU employee, you may make a payroll deduction. You can download a payroll deduction form from Payroll Deduction Form. Please indicate to apply your gift to the NMSU Wildlife Museum (101398-112). Return the completed form to Advancement Services Office, MSC 3590. For questions please call (575) 646-1613.

Be sure to designate the recipient as the NMSU Wildlife Museum (Account 61398)

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