Wildlife Museum Staff

Faculty Curator

Jennifer Frey, College Associate Professor, Department of Fish, Wildlife & Conservation Ecology

Undergraduate Museum Assistants

Adam Baca, Sophomore, Wildlife Major

Justin Hebert, Sophomore, Wildlife Major

Joseph Youtz, Sophomore, Wildlife Major

Graduate Curatorial Assistants

Tanya Wolf, Master's Student

Brian Small, Master's Student

Student Volunteers

Erin Frieboth, Wildlife Major, Volunteer Outreach Education Coordinator

Recent Staff Continuing the Tradition!

Liberty Hightower, M.A. Biology NMSU, May 2014

Liberty served as the Graduate Assistant Curator during Spring and Summer 2014. She was a tremendous asset in helping to get the museum back on its feet. However, she is moving on to new endeavors as a Museum Assistant at the Virginia Museum of Natural History. We wish Liberty success in her new museum position. Congratulations Liberty!