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You can pursue academic programs targeting a wide array of careers in industries as diverse as tourism, fashion, environment, resource management, education, and consumer sciences. Of our 22 bachelor degree programs, 14 are offered nowhere else in New Mexico. We also offer three doctoral programs and nine master degree programs.

Researchers with the Agricultural Experiment Station are located on campus and at 13 research centers across the state. In addition to improving New Mexico's agricultural industry, researchers strive to sustain our natural resources and improve the quality of our lives.

Extension & Outreach
The Cooperative Extension Service provides practical, research based knowledge throughout New Mexico and beyond. Extension staff, located in all 33 counties and tribal offices, deliver 4-H programs, conduct trainings, and share research-based information about livestock, nutrition, horticulture, and many other topics.

The NMSU College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences "Brings Science to Your Life" through academics, research, and New Mexico's Cooperative Extension Service. (Mission Statement)

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Although Extension-type work began in New Mexico in the 1900s, this year marks the 100-year anniversary of the national Cooperative Extension System – a network educators from the state land-grant university who extend university-based knowledge and research to individuals, families and communities. Because these educators (often called county agents) live in the same communities where they work, they are a trusted source of research-based knowledge. More