New Mexico Agricultural Leadership

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For an industry to remain dynamic, well-informed leaders must emerge. The New Mexico Agricultural Leadership program was founded in 2001 with the purpose of identifying and supporting effective leadership within sectors of food, agriculture, and natural resource in New Mexico.

The program aids participants in the development of leadership skills so they can become stronger and more effective leaders in their industries and communities. This is accomplished by exposing them to direct experiences and interactions with a variety of businesses, social settings and political environments, both domestically and internationally.

The fifteen-month program consists of eight seminars with experts in their respective fields, on-site tours, meetings with business and government leaders, issue awareness, and leadership skills improvement.

The program is designed for individuals interested in improving their leadership skills for their future and continuing careers.

Class members come from various areas of expertise and regions of New Mexico so apply if you would like to be part of NMAL Class 12: 2017-2018.

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