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Donald Conner
Donald Conner

Greetings Potential Student:

You, our future leaders, problem solvers and innovators, have a world of opportunities before you! Our college's goal is to help prepare you for a highly successful and meaningful career that will help you change your world. You'll have lots of hands-on learning and problem-based experiences to make classroom instruction come alive.

Through group projects, activities and clubs, you'll make lifelong relationships with your peers and faculty while gaining the latest scientific and technical knowledge in your major.
Here's what our current students love about ACES:

  • From Day 1, ACES faculty focus on helping you gain applied knowledge, succeed in advanced courses, and graduate. Their doors are always open to you. ACES takes care of their students!
  • Hands-on experiences throughout your program help you quickly understand and apply your new knowledge to agricultural, consumer and environmental systems. You will graduate with the skills and knowledge you will need to change your world.
  • Our college's problem-based learning and research opportunities will develop your critical thinking while enhancing your innovation and entrepreneurial skills.

Tomorrow's agricultural, consumer and environmental challenges will be highly complex and increasingly intensive. ACES programs are designed to help you, as one of tomorrow's leaders and innovators, to be fully equipped and ready to meet your world's challenges.

For example, within your lifetime, the world will have more than 9 billion people who will need to be nutritiously and sustainably feed. With an ACES degree, YOU will be equipped with outstanding knowledge and skills to become the problem-solver and innovator your world will require.

So, I invite you to explore our ACES College. We offer 23 different majors designed to prepare you for a career that will not only be exciting and fulfilling, but will also make fundamental improvements to our environment, economy, and world. Please let us know if you have any questions. Stop by or call anytime - you are always welcome!

Donald E. Conner, PhD
Associate Dean and Director of Academic Programs
NMSU, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences