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Questions about our content should be addressed to the appropriate subject matter specialist, which you can find using our online directory or by contacting one of the departments below:

Administrative Offices

  • Dean's Office | 575-646-3748
  • Cooperative Extension Service | 575-646-3015
  • Academic Programs | 575-646-1807
  • Agricultural Experiment Station | 575-646-3125

Alternatively, you can contact your local County Extension Agent, who should also be able to help you, especially if you need more than just a quick answer. Find contact information for your local Extension Agent using our County and State Extension listing.

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If you've just noticed a typo, broken link, or some other technical problem with the site, use the form below to contact the College webmaster.

Note: The webmaster cannot answer content questions. If you have questions about web page content, please use the suggestions above to find a content expert who can answer your question.
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