Student Clubs & Organizations

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More than 30 college-based clubs, organizations and competitive teams are available for students to become involved in within the College of Agriculture and Home Economics. Being involved in the college's clubs, organizations and teams allows students the opportunity to interact with faculty and students in a number of activities that often lead to future career choices and opportunities.

Aggie Rodeo Association


The mission of the Aggie Rodeo Association is to allow students who are involved in the sport of rodeo to continue pursuit of their rodeo goals while achieving sound academic goals. In supporting these students NMSU is able to retain students and provide them with leadership and teamwork skills. In achieving their educational and rodeo goals the students will bring positive recognition at the community, regional, and national level to themselves and New Mexico State University.

Goals and Strategies:

  1. To encourage rodeo athletes to remain in school and reach graduation. Recruit students who are interested in receiving a college education. Be knowledgeable to give sound academic advice to students. Emphasize the importance of a college education in meetings, day to day counseling, examples and practice. Emphasize the requirements of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association. Provide financial assistance.
  2. Provide skill development for students involved in rodeo activities. Use stock donated by stock contractors. Use minimal stock charges when a must to get practice stock.
  3. Bring positive attention to rodeo program to gain support of new students, university and community. Host successful NIRA rodeo both financially and in production. Use all of our physical facilities that enhance NMSU. Have good student athletes competing for NMSU. Provide equal opportunities for students as other colleges and universities for skill development. Have programs that are beneficial for the community.
  4. To provide programs, services, and activities that enhance students learning, growth and development. Have students plan, coordinate, and produce such programs/events as our NIRA rodeo, special rodeo, clinics, and other events. Use committees assigned to certain events and elements within events. Conduct training sessions for committee chairpersons and other leaders.


Advisors: Logan Corbett

Aggie P.A.W. (Partners for Assistance Through Work)


  1. To bring together students that are interested in learning about service and working dogs.
  2. To educate the general public and university population about service and working dog edict.

President: Cheyenne Eldridge

Advisors: Gaylene Fasenko & Claren Wilson

Agricultural Economics Club


President: Paxton Nikkila

Advisor(s): Ram Acharya

Alpha Gamma Rho


To promote a spirit of sociability and good fellowship among the students of the Agricultural School and to bring about closer relationships among men pursuing some phase of agriculture as a profession.

President: Jordon Kopreski

Advisors: Ryan Ashley

American Fisheries Society


The objectives of the Chapter shall be those of the American Fisheries Society as set forth in Article I of the constitution, and to encourage the exchange of information by members of the Society residing within Western Division.

President: Dillon Martinez

Advisors: Colleen Caldwell

Animal & Range Science Graduate Student Association


  1. To provide a means of assisting graduate student travel to professional meetings for promotion of professional development.
  2. To increase communication and understanding among graduate students and faculty.
  3. To provide a vehicle for graduate students to become better acquainted with fellow graduate students in the department.


President: Cheyenne Robinson

Advisors: Clint Loest

Animal & Range Science Judging Teams


  1. To promote a higher scholastic standard and a more complete understanding of the principles surrounding livestock, horse, wool, and/or meat evaluation.
  2. To promote Animal Sciences through the development of a program of activities.
  3. To promote the College of Agriculture & Home Economics and New Mexico State University through nationally recognized judging competitions.

President: Cheyenne Maese

Advisor: John Campbell

Association of Family & Consumer Sciences


  1. To provide professional and leadership development of Family and Consumer Sciences students at New Mexico State University.
  2. To promote the objectives of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) and the New Mexico Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (NMAFCS).
  3. To familiarize students with the history and foundation of the profession of Family and Consumer Sciences and AAFCS.
  4. To acquaint students with professional Family and Consumer Scientists who are active in the field, as well as career opportunities in Family and Consumer Sciences.
  5. To promote active membership in AAFCS/NMAFCS.
  6. To provide opportunities for developing Family and Consumer Sciences leadership among members.
  7. To provide experiences that increase awareness of all cultures and family structures through campus and community service projects.
  8. To participate in activities that create a well rounded collegiate experience for the members.
  9. To promote the organization through new student orientations, information fairs, etc., in order to increase our membership.


President: Rebecca Mijares

Advisor: Sharon Jeffcoat Bartley

Block & Bridle Club


To promote the improvement and increase the interest among the students of Animal Science and to bring about closer relationships among those pursuing some phase of Animal Science as a profession.

President: Abilene Gallegos

Advisor: John Campbell

Collegiate 4-H


  1. To promote, exercise maintain and increase interest in 4-H, locally, statewide, nationally and internationally, whenever possible.
  2. To facilitate communication among and between clubs and states.
  3. To function as a service oriented organization.
  4. To serve as innovators in meeting the needs of 4-H members and implementing ideas in cooperation with leaders on all levels.

President: Brooke Baca

Advisor: Mindy Turner

Collegiate Cattlemen & Cattlewomen


To provide an organizational forum through which members, as well as non-members, can enhance their knowledge and understanding of cattle industry issues. Promote the welfare and growth of the cattle industry through community involvement, extension to the public, and youth group activities.

Leaders: Kyra Grant, Klayton Bearup, Jenna Gilbert, Diego Dow, Justin Monzingo

Advisor: Paul Gutierrez

Collegiate Farm & Livestock Bureau


  1. To create more interest in the agricultural industry as a profession.
  2. To make available to the students of agriculture at this institution the most current information on inventions, tests, practices, problems and legislation in agriculture.
  3. To foster a lasting relationship between students enrolled in agriculture at this institution and all agricultural allied industries including the producer, marketer, processor, merchandiser, and other segments of agriculture.
  4. To prepare New Mexico State University graduates to accept roles as leaders in developing the tremendous agricultural potential of America.

President: Allison Martinez

Advisor(s): Frank Hodnett

Collegiate FFA


  1. To promote premier leadership, personal growth, and career exploration in agricultural, Extension and technology education.
  2. To promote good fellowship and the spirit of cooperation among members and alumni.
  3. To promote agricultural, Extension, and technology education in the State of New Mexico.
  4. To cooperate with and assist local, state, and national organizations that are affiliated with agricultural, Extension, and technology education.

President: Chase Shelton

Advisors: Carlos Rosencrans, Shannon Norris

Meetings: 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month at 6:00pm in the Ag Institute

Entomology Association


The Purpose of this association is to increase the entomological knowledge of students. Faculty and staff; to provide an environment where students can be introduced to prospective employers and provide exposure to potential schools for further educational opportunities, while promoting fellowship, service and understanding by sponsoring such things as lectures, information tables, service projects, discussions informal gatherings social activities and public meetings.

President: Heather Bedale

Advisor: Scott Bundy

Environmental Science Student Organization


The purpose of this organization is the advancement of environmental knowledge and awareness of New Mexico State University and in this community.


President: Moxie Stroud

Advisor: April Ulery

Meetings: Tuesdays from 5:15-6:15 in Skeen Hall Room N120

Fish, Wildlife & Conservation Ecology Graduate Student Organization


  1. To further the goals and professional development of graduate students within the Fisheries and Wildlife Department.
  2. To increase communication and understanding among graduate students and faculty.
  3. To foster fellowship among graduate students within the department.


President: Tyler Wallin

Advisor: James W. Cain III

Horsemen's Association


  1. To provide an organization for equine oriented students to participate in activities that further develop their knowledge and experience in the horse industry.
  2. To promote the development of organized intercollegiate horse activities and public service opportunities.
  3. To encourage improvement of scholarship and develop competent leadership among student members.


President: Megan Lettenberger

Advisor: Laura White

Horticulture Forum


  1. To provide a forum for the discussion of Horticulture topics.
  2. To promote Horticulture within the University, the state of New Mexico, the United States of America and the world.
  3. To cooperate with and promote the department of Horticulture at New Mexico State University.

President: Lindsay Koby

Advisor(s): Geno Picchioni (575)-646-1820, Rolston St. Hilaire

Intercollegiate Floriculture Team


  1. Provide extracurricular, active-learning activities not available in the traditional curriculum to all NMSU students interested in the floriculture industry (production, marketing, and utilization of fresh flower products).
  2. Allow students to have the opportunity to earn a spot on the Team, compete in floral judging and design at the national level, and represent NMSU in a professional manner.
  3. To promote floriculture as a growth industry within the NMSU community.

President: Amber Ortiz

Advisor: Sabine Green

National Agri-Marketing Association


A professional organization open to all majors, committed to the career development of its members focusing on careers in agri-business and marketing.


President: Savannah Gillis

Advisor: Chadelle Robinson

National Society of Minorities in Hospitality


  1. To aid in the recruitment, retention and support of minority students in hospitality education.
  2. To build and maintain a working relationship between hospitality professionals and students.
  3. To prepare minority students for advancement within the hospitality industry.


President: Starvanna Cottrell

Advisor: Julie Correa

OASIS (Organization of Aggie Students Inspiring Sustainability)


  1. To generate awareness regarding sustainable practices.
  2. To network within Las Cruces (city and campus) in order to engage the community and promote "green" ethics.
  3. To focus on agricultural practices, recycling, economic sustainability, community education/awareness, and equality.


President: Bryce Richard

Advisor: Dr. Mark Uchanski

Plant & Environmental Sciences Graduate Student Organization


  1. The purpose is to further the educational, professional, and practical aims and goals of graduate students in Agronomy & Horticulture. This organization will also voice concerns and problems encountered by graduate students and bring these issues to the attention of the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture.
  2. To raise funds for projects concerning graduate students in the Department of Agronomy & Horticulture.
  3. To provide a means of assisting graduate student travel to professional meetings for promotion of professional development.
  4. To provide a vehicle for graduate students to become better acquainted with fellow graduate students in the department.
  5. To increase communication and understanding among graduate students and faculty.
  6. To represent Agronomy & Horticulture graduate students to the New Mexico State University Graduate Student Council.


President: Drey Clark

Advisor(s): Richard Pratt, Gerald Simms

Pre-Veterinary Club


To promote interest in veterinary medicine and to provide information to students interested in veterinary medicine.

President: Tiffany Fowler, Larisa Estrada

Advisor: Dr. Adam Summers

Meetings: 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month at 6:00pm in Knox 238

Range Club


To stimulate interest and activity in and to strengthen, improve, and perpetuate the profession of range management.


President: Diego Ortiz

Advisor: Amy Ganguli

Meetings: 1st Thursday and 3rd Wednesday of every month at 5:30pm in Knox 201

Student Association of Nutrition & Dietetics (SAND)


The objectives of this organization shall be to promote familiarity with the field of human nutrition and food science and related fields to organization members and the community of Las Cruces. The organization shall strive to inform members and citizens of the opportunities opening up in the fields of nutrition and food science, to provide sound information to the citizens of the community on these subjects, and to stimulate sound practices among peers.


President: Clifford Kinnear

Advisor(s): Brigit Dooley, Ann Bock

Sportsman Fishing Club at New Mexico State University


  1. To inform the university and it's students about the sport of bass fishing.
  2. To provide opportunities for full-time students to engage in a bass fishing sports club.
  3. To provide an opportunity for students to participate in competitive bass fishing at a collegiate level.
  4. To promote bass fishing and cooperation with other organizations on campus.


President: Colton Padilla

Advisor: Colleen Caldwell

Student Association of Fashion Merchandising & Marketing


  1. To provide for professional development of fashion merchandising and marketing.
  2. To increase awareness of Fashion Merchandising and its offerings outside classroom situations.
  3. To promote and explore different areas of Fashion Merchandising.
  4. To establish relationships with the business community.

President: Lauren White

Advisor(s): Jonathan Mirabal, Melinda Chavez

Therapeutic Riding Association


  1. To encourage the growth of NMSU Therapeutic Riding program.
  2. To provide volunteers and community support for the NMSU Therapeutic Riding program.
  3. To promote the development of organized intercollegiate equine activities and public service opportunities.
  4. To provide educational experiences for NMSU students and community members.
  5. To encourage improvement of scholarship and develop competent leadership among student members.
  6. To support the NMSU Therapeutic Riding Association in its outreach to the community.


President: Megan Lettenberger

Advisor(s): Laura White

Turf Club


  1. To serve as an official organization for students interested in turfgrass and landscape management , and to provide them with information about career directions and the credentials needed to become a turfgrass or landscape manager.
  2. To promote and advance the profession and enrich the quality of golf, sports turf, other turfgrass facilities and their environments.
  3. To provide an avenue for an exchange of information and ideas between students and turfgrass and landscape management professionals both locally and internationally.


President: Jason Roelle

Advisor: Dr. Ryan Goss

The Wildlife Society


  1. To encourage and advance all phases of wildlife management along sound biological lines.
  2. To help establish and maintain the highest possible professional standards.
  3. To improve public understanding and support of scientific management of wildlife and related resources.
  4. To recognize and commend outstanding work in the profession.
  5. To provide a common meeting ground for Wildlife workers.

President: Sarah Grubel

Advisor: Jennifer K. Frey

World Student Alliance of NMSU


  1. To organize and connect students who demand more opportunities for international education experiences.
  2. To increase international education program funding.
  3. To instigate a greater international focus.
  4. To create a positive environment for international discussion.
  5. Expanding networking with the campus's international population.

Aggies Go Global Website

President: Kristin Corl

Advisor(s): Gary Lowe, Angelina Palumbo, Lowell Catlett